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Dear Chairman Obama: no socialism without eugenics

Dear Chairman Obama,

No national socialism without eugenics. State control of medicine and mandatory participation must have a goal that moves us forward. What happened to Change?


Saving lives isn’t Change. We were already doing that. Eugenics is Change we can believe in.

What is it not? Eugenics is not a guilt by association fallacy, meaning that all of the qualities of past American eugenicists are not all of the qualities of eugenics, the idea.

Eugenics cast a negative light on every racial, ethnic, and disabled group. Many of the things that eugenicists did and said were bigoted and hurtful.

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What is it? Eugenics is a type of preemptive transhumanism without all the unattractive cybernetic accessories hanging off our bodies after the fact.

Stop what we don’t want before it starts and instead encourage what we do want. Eugenics is for all, not just the very wealthiest who could afford expensive future wetware surgery helping them to “transcend” their biological limits.

We work only with the human genome, not with any inorganic attachments, by identifying the collections of traits carried in the people we wish to have in our midst and separating them from those we do not.

  • We need handsome people
  • We need intelligent people
  • We need responsible people
  • We do not need the ugly and sickly
  • We do not need the crass and stupid
  • We do not need the criminal and irresponsible

While merely saving lives doesn’t move us toward this goal, but rather sticks us with a mostly negative mixed bag of population growth, eugenics focuses on quality.

Quality is valuable – valuable enough to make a mandatory national health care program a worthwhile investment for an American future.

What is not quality?

Quality is not an aesthetic defect, where something that should appear perfectly human, doesn’t quite, and as such is psycho-socially disruptive.

If an aesthetic defect does not exist among us to begin with, there are no psychosocial disruptions of this nature, less hurt feelings and more of a return to mutual respect.chairman_obama

Quality is not a mind whose return to society does not exceed the investment put into it. The state can spend vast sums attempting to educate, rehabilitate and indeed coddle a moron.

Add the cost of indoctrinating with tolerance propaganda every proximate peer said moron may possibly encounter in daily life and the wasted time and expense continue to climb.

The needless time lost from people struggling with morons and the lifelong frustrations of the moron itself would not exist if such people were not brought into the world to begin with. These resources are better spent on gifted people who are promising.

Quality is not counterproductive criminality, destructive habits, or negligent behaviour. The vain rehabilitative cost, time, and social disruption savings of not having irresponsible, hopelessly immoral people running amok in our midst, spreading their habits and destruction is tremendous.

Most of the prisons and mental hospitals would no longer be needed. Broken families, abused children and battered wives would experience a sharp reduction. Corruption in the public and private sectors alone would be reduced, saving us countless billions of dollars.

If the state is going to control medical care, it should do so with purposeful intent, not for the usual reasons of popular image and managing expense.

The opposition to the proposed health care reform is resistance to a purposeless but mandatory socialism that offers to change nothing for the better, but instead give us what we already had but more of it.

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