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Cucks Do Not Want To Know Much Biology

David French personifies a bizarre singularity. He nearly becomes an archetype. Not all archetypes are heroes. Some are very much warnings instead of examples. Yet they profoundly display a common trait of the people around them. David French is the smart man who deliberately does not know.

A certain level of intellect will also bestow a curse. David French is a smart enough man to perceive a lot of the world around him. This makes him realize that he should be a man of the Right. His intelligence drives him towards truth. Yet truth subtends a rather hideous subset known as hate truth. Hate truth consists of things that are true, irrefutable, and at least partially unfair or unjust. Therefore David French makes himself at least pretend to be ignorant of these hate truths.

The scientific disciplines bristle with hate facts. Biology can particularly shatter delusions. The world we live in is different from the world we all wished we lived in. Smart people sometimes succumb to the fantasy of just wishing harder in the hopes of bending unpleasant reality. Their feelings are smarter than Cro-Magnon reality. They therefore resort to gaslighting in order to tell themselves that reality will bend to their overdetermining will.

David French sure tells Biology a thing or two below.

An emerging culture idolizes a twisted version of “toughness” as the highest ideal and despises a false version of “weakness” as the lowest vice.

Except that David French doesn’t. He wants to be “Right”, but lacks the necessary fortitude of personality. He can’t be tough, so he calls people who are tough in at least some aspect of their genetic make-up lunkheads. We all hate lunkheads. Lunkheads are the guys that step up to the squat rack and do multiple reps at a weight 50lbs heavier than our personal record. Lunkheads are the people that remind us that reality does not care about our sense of fairness. It cares even less about anyone’s unearned self-esteem.

Gasbags like David French have talked about what poopy-heads The Clintons were for years. Donald Trump actually boatraced one in an election and ended much of the power enjoyed by their grift machine. Because of these demonstrated results, people that at least consider themselves of the Right politically are at lot more likely to be like Donald Trump rather than David French. In David French Tranny-World, Donald Trump is a mean, old lunkhead. He should stop being such a hardass and lose for a reasonable payoff the way David French always has.

You and I may like or dislike Donald Trump. We may also even respect David French enough to have opinion on his likeability – or not. What we should not deny is that Donald Trump has a better intuitive understanding of the world than David French would ever desire. This is a major reason why Trump, unlike David French, has at least some well-muscled lunk to throw around. David French is not that manly. He can just curl his effeminate lip in twat-like, wussified disdain.

You should probably at least pretend that you like Donald Trump. People like him understand Biology enough to pass on their genetics and their ideals in an effective manner. They do not have to go over to Africa and collect trophy kids to show off to their friends. We will all deal with both the good and the bad of Donald Trump’s existence years after we have flushed any memories of who David French was like a post-probiotic bowel movement.

This is because David French is a cuck. Cucks do not understand Biology. If they did, they would have two options.

1) They could change in ways to be more like Donald Trump.
2) They could go kill themselves.

Neither option appeals to Mr. French. Therefore, he will cuck his way through life. It is easier for him than it would be to admit that he understood basic biology.

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