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Cry The Beloved Country

Alan Paton was a cucking cuckservative decades before the etiology had even been coined. He just hated racism. He wrote Cry The Beloved Country. Mr. Paton obviously thought South Africa would be a nicer place without all the racism. Too bad they only got rid of one brand thereof. You can still look at the place and see Venezuela from one of the higher mountaintops.

The Federalist became so much like an evil, uncucked, Anti-Paton over current conditions way down South, that it had to publish its exposé under the name “Anonymous.” Just how bad are things in the land of “Invictus” and Mandela? We get the following Top Ten List that wouldn’t make too many old Dave Letterman fans laugh.

1. Greedy European Arms Merchants – Even before South Africa celebrated its first all-race election, armaments vultures from Europe descended on the country and began corrupting key players and institutions. The government had proposed an $8 billion military modernization plan. It ballooned to $100 billion with $300 million paid in bribes to the African National Congress (ANC) and its senior leaders.

2. Blue Light Convoys – South Africa’s post-apartheid politicians quickly developed a taste for blinged-out and frequently upgraded German luxury cars, right down to the level of provincial and municipal functionaries. Taking their privilege to the next logical step, politicians arranged to be ferried around at high speed by gun-waving police escorts known as the “blue light brigade.”

3. Imitating Brazil’s Carwash Corruption Scandal

4. White Shoe Mercenaries – South Africa has an unfortunate history of foreigners exfiltrating its wealth. In the post-apartheid era, one of the earliest foreign corporate buccaneers was Bain Capital co-founder Coleman Andrews.

5. Promising Anti-White Genocide – “We’ve not called for the killing of white people, at least for now. I can’t guarantee the future,” said Julius Malema,

6. Switching Off the Lights – South Africa has gone from a surplus of cheap electricity to rolling blackouts and astronomical price increases.

7. Retirement Delayed

8. Virtue-Signaling and Vanity Projects

9. Education Quackery – South African school children are routinely abused as laboratory rats for the world’s crackpot curriculum fads.

10. Affirmative-Action Absurdities – Racial quotas are a sacrament in the New South Africa

There’s a reason why truths like this get published pseudonymously. Hanging Anonymous isn’t an easy law enforcement task. It’s hard to unperson a cypher. But neither of those reasons really drives in the nail. They are just further Cuckspeak. This got published anonymously because it doesn’t just describe South Africa.

We in the USSA suffer all ten of these maladies.

  1. The Military Industrial Complex – Lockmart has more ability to govern Amerika than a typical President when it cares to flex its corporate muscles. Threaten Barack Obama with some layoff notices, and his shutdown goes bye-bye.
  2. Blue Light Convoys – We had Clair Force One. Offer Non-Stop Speaker Pelosi the opportunity to fly by public carrier and she isn’t amused.
  3. ABSCAM – why just pick on Lefties here. John McCain was up to his eyeballs in this one. Oh, wait, I wasn’t suppossed to be picking on Lefties.
  4. White Shoe Mercenaries – We have US Congressmembers bankrolling President “Cheese” over in Somalia. They arrange government jobs for there financial backers and sex-buddies.
  5. Promising Anti-White Genocide – You try telling DeRay McKesson that all lives matter…
  6. Switching Off the Lights – Go to Type in “Gray Davis, Enron, California.”
  7. Retirement Delayed – Illinois, Rhode Island, General Motors, anyone that doesn’t win PowerBall. I hear it got a really phat jackpot recently.
  8. Virtue-Signaling and Vanity Projects – I give you Democracy in Iraq. (And not just because I hate you or anything). I’d like to give you High-Speed Rail. Oops…
  9. Education Quackery – Evergreen State, Folsom Valley College. Heck, Yale.
  10. Affirmative-Action Absurdities – The USSA is The Soviet Olympic Hockey Team of Affirmative Action Stupid. They’ve had their eyes on the prize for so long they probably need a few drops of Visine. We’ve gotten Democratic Party candidates tripping over themselves to promise slavery reparations. Even ones with Caucasoid spouses and slave-holding relatives.

People don’t like these sorts of distant mirrors. They reflect all that we have become. They demonstrate the reasons for why we’ve become what we’ve become. The worst argument against abolishing Apartheid or it’s cousins could be that getting rid of them will make you more like the USSA.

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