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Crossing The “Genetics Line” Divides Conservatism

In theory conservatives preserve civilization. Since one does not conserve the bad, this means that they act to remember, defend, continue, and nurture the good. Since we live in a Leftist-dominated era, most conservatives find themselves merely defending the Leftism of yesterday against the more potent Leftism of today.

Nothing about conservatism says that we encourage egalitarianism — in its many forms: equality, meritocracy, socialism, credentialism, all of which are variants of the same idea — but most conservatives today would proudly proclaim themselves egalitarians.

They do this because in a society which has contorted itself around accepting egalitarianism as a good, by the nature of egalitarianism as an all-consuming ideology, anything but egalitarianism is bad.

Egalitarianism causes this divide because like all ideology, it is not found in nature and as a result is an affirmative option that we must take. To avoid taking this option is seen as opposition; egalitarians, like all in the grip of ideology, have a binary worldview.

You are either with them, or against them, because they are the ones with the first mover advantage since they have proposed a new idea. Those against them must be destroyed. This gives them a heckler’s veto against anyone who does not enthusiastically affirm equality.

Once egalitarianism enters the picture, conservatism becomes self-parody. Instead of conserving civilization, it preserves the destruction of civilization, which it rationalizes as being socially acceptable and therefore good, a form of backward thinking.

As part of this egalitarianism, conservatives brick on the question of genetics — the inherent inequality of social classes, races, sexes, and ethnic groups — and panic at its very mention, mumbling homilies about meritocracy and freedom.

This shows us the line that we must cross.

For us to conserve anything, we must first accept the world as it is, not as humans wish it to be. We must also acknowledge that this order still dwarfs our technologies and even our intellects. It is more intelligent than we are.

Further, we must realize that in order to do good, we must respect the divisions of humanity, and deny equality so that instead we can promote our actual best. Multiple-choice tests, credentials, and other bureaucracy do not choose our best, only our most compliant.

Nationalism rose in the last two decades because we could finally see what diversity meant. Instead of the United Colors of Benetton, we got many special interest groups — based on a mosaic of religion, race, culture, ethnicity, and class — fighting for control of society.

As time goes on, we are seeing that we have a social class problem as well. Our leaders are proles, or people who might do well working in the fields, making food, filing paperwork, or serving coffee but are not capable of the depth of thought required to lead.

This shift means that to be a conservative, one must accept the primacy of genetics. No one is equal. People are different inside, including genetics, intelligence, and moral character. We need to raise up the best and demote the rest.

Instead of going further into the Dissident Right which stays underground, many of us have chosen to instead take on the Right, because it is what has failed us. It is the weak link. We want to go in and take over.

The first step in this takeover is to point out how everything on the Right aims to conserve the best of the past, and how that requires that we cross the genetics line. Until we become real, we are nothing more than more ideologues fighting for control.

As soon as we offer an actual better life through better understanding of our world, we become those who can salvage what is left of Western Civilization, set it right, and push it on a path to improvement and greatness.

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