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Criminal law is obsolete


In our modern egalitarian society, we talk a lot about justice. So much so, in fact, that we employ millions of lawyers, bureaucrats and politicians to enforce it. But how well does this work out in reality? Let us look at the case of Rekia Boyd:

Boyd was among a group of people in Douglas Park when Servin approached and told them to keep the noise down. There was an exchange of words before, Servin said, he saw one of the men in the group pull out what he thought was a gun. Servin fired his gun from his car, hitting Boyd in the back of the head. She died the following day.

Summary: cop approaches people doing something stupid, thinks he sees a gun, fires and accidentally hits someone else. The leftist arm of the black community wants us to think this is a terrible injustice, but read further:

In 2013 Boyd’s family settled with Chicago, with the city paying $4.5 million in the wrongful-death case.

$4.5 million for an accidental shooting. That is quite the payout, and most big cities probably do a few of these a year. When you have armed police going up against armed citizens, and citizens routinely do stupid stuff, there is a statistical certainty that some bad shoots will occur.

Clearly this is not all on the police officer. A group of people who behave in some kind of chaotic way to a police stop is a crisis in itself. There should be nothing wrong, even if you dislike police, in responding at least professionally and maturely and not actingly with sudden impulsive moves. Common sense, even.

But let us take this thought experiment further. Why bother bringing criminal charges at all? Especially in accidental shootings, but perhaps in all of them. Do as the Althing did in the types of Nordic law: pay out death gold to the family. If the killer has no gold, then you jail him. Criminal prosecutions do not bring back the dead but money keeps the living thriving.

As far as the attempts to spin this as a “racist” shooting, let us be honest: America is a war zone divided between a violent underclass of many races and the police who try to keep them in line, solely because we insist on the fallacy of inclusivity instead of demanding that people obey a social standard and throwing out those who cannot toe the line. Expect cops to be paranoid of those they rightfully suspect hate them and want to shoot them, and the underclass to play the victim and push its luck by pretending to grab for guns.

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