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Counterpoint: Keep Social Media Open To Win The War On Terror

In response to my esteemed colleague, I argue against any censorship of social media.

Our biggest problem in any age is ignorance of what other people are thinking. People are deceptive enough without the confusions of politics, but we also have a media that hides any anti-majority viewpoint behind a smoke screen of victimhood, poverty and banal cultural Marxist theory.

Let us get the viewpoints out in the open. We suffer nothing for hearing exactly why they hate us, which has to do with two crucial factors:

  • They hate our degeneracy. Girls in bikinis and casual sex equal no healthy families. Leftist politics and consumerism equal neurotic people. No sane person wants this in their countries, and unlike us who have accepted this condition as normal since birth, they can see it coming and want it to stay far away.

  • Clash of civilizations. Diversity does not work; civilizations differ in value and cannot occupy the same space, which is why racial/ethnic, religious and cultural diversity always fail. Our governments and media are beating the tin drum of pluralism and its subset, diversity. We need to see clearly how these do not work.

The last thing we want to do is to deny people a voice. When they get a chance to have their say, they can appreciate that we will disagree, but at least we did not tell them, “Your viewpoint threatens us or is insignificant to us, so we will ignore your concerns and keep doing what we were doing before.”

Constant attempts to censor people not just for “racist” content but even other political speech, such as raging against cops or demanding an end to mixed-race America from a minority perspective, do nothing but inflame those viewpoints with legitimacy derived from the fact that we feared them enough to stop them from being spoken.

Terrorism succeeds by generating media attention, but trying to censor terrorism only makes terrorists seem like mystical, intriguing figures who bring us a suppressed truth. Let it out in the open, and let us read their speeches, writings and comments. Let us see where we all stand.

Democracy gives us no hope because most people are inert, but the way to combat that is to allow all voices a platform and to see who clusters to that platform. Then we can see how we actually feel, instead of how we speak around others in order to flatter them so that they will hire us, date us, befriend us, rent to us and sell to us.

We can properly understand terrorism as another form of warfare, and warfare from arising through the breakdown of politics. That situation can be ameliorated by bringing politics back into the equation, but that requires that we actually listen to each other. Censorship is the exact opposite, and will turn us ignorant and jingoistic.

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