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If you can take a break from being called racist, bigot, homophobe, ableist, Islamophobe, and sexist by your local Leftists for a moment, you might see that we are in an era of confirmation. Those people that your Mainstream Right clowns call “fascists” are in fact neo-Communists, or mob rule spread out across all institutions.

The stuff that dissident Right, MAGA, and Tea Party people have been warning about has come to pass. They told us that our elections were unsafe, that woke politics is White Genocide, and that a media cabal has been running hand-in-hand with selection billionaires, the DNC, and the proles to censor and distort reality as we see it.

Very few will see this because they fear that at heart, humanity is the Lord of the Flies come to life: an evil snarling beast that seeks to harm others. In reality, most people want nothing more than power, comfort/wealth, and recognition/status, and they act toward that as best they understand, which often is very little.

We are not a bad species, but like all things with big brains, we get lost in our brains and are prone to illusion based on what makes us feel “safe” i.e. not at risk of losing power, comfort, and recognition. People hate actual change and embrace trivial surface “change” for this reason, which is why they are resisting the obvious.

The MAGA Republicans warned that elections would be stolen; whatever we think of the outcome, a week to count votes, mass drop-offs of mail-in ballots, and mysterious funding from oligarchs reminds us of Tammany Hall and the bad old days of early democracy, namely that the money wins.

That would not be a terrible problem if we were still a strict capitalist society because then those with the money would at least be competent, but we are a centrally-controlled “mixed economy” that is the core of neo-Communism, a postmodern form of Communism that does not have a single leadership.

Instead, neo-Communism operates more like a trend: people do it to be part of something, and it makes them feel powerful to destroy things, so it gives them an excuse to destroy while pretending that instead they are bringing enlightenment, compassion, science, art, spirituality, and wisdom to humanity.

Leftism has always been this way. Since the days of the Peasant Revolts, Leftists have told us that reality is not as we can verify it to be, but instead that the thoughts in our minds are more important than reality. All we have to do is manage our happiness with symbols that represent pleasant illusions and all will be fine.

After all, “everyone” — enough of The People to form a plurality — agrees that what is most important is feeling good about our future. Instead of looking at real problems, Leftism consistently dodges them and heads right to the distracts which inflame our emotions but draw us closer in to the herd.

Kanye West gave us the prototype of how to beat it. You make them reveal their emptiness; this is the core of trolling as well. You tell people what is going to happen, provoke the opposition, then watch them do it, but then sit back and wait for the slow-thinking herd to gradually absorb what was seen.

Ye told us that Jews ran the media; more accurately, egalitarians run everything, and so when someone like West speaks out against sacred pity cows like Jews, Negroes, women, or LGBT+, the entire society must unite to destroy that person lest those ideas infect others.

However, he made those ideas infectious. Instead of suppressing them, the acts made against his ideas gave them new life and now wherever microphones cannot be found, people discuss them. They are not yet discussing how egalitarianism itself creates neo-Communism and the reaction Ye experienced, but they will.

In the same way, Kari Lake and other candidates told us that vote fraud would occur. People watched. The warning signs came out: the late counting, the F-shaped curves, the mysterious ballot dropoffs, lights going out, and other games that clever people play which they think no one will see through.

Normally they are correct, but now, people are watching. They were warned. They are seeing confirmation of everything that was said and are slowly realizing that like it or not change is upon them. We are out of the non-history of the good years and into history like the Civil War or WW1 where you had to act because normal life had ended.

All human paths lead to illusion. Given a choice, people prefer comfortable feelings in their heads to complex, ambiguous, and therefore unsafe and threatening realities. Those who sell these false realities, whether religion or politics, will be rewarded.

Even distracting products make out big. We are quick to point the finger at alcohol, tobacco, and drugs but slowly more are seeing that mainstream media is addictive. “Visionary” books that explain a theory of a detail as the big picture in a self-help format are too. So are feel-good activities like altruism, compassion, and bipartisan unity.

If you really have compassion for humanity… you care about results, not intentions. You also extend that compassion not just to individuals but to nature and intangibles like culture and civilization upon which we depend. You care about how things turn out, not how you feel, judge, or socially participate.

Grifters home in on those desires for illusion. Your average alt-Right podcaster these days is selling copium and LARP in the form of Christian National Socialism just like your average Right-wing pundit is selling the idea of “maturity” meaning accepting decay but doubling down on self-righteous church attendance and 401k accumulation.

For those of us who have gone further, it is clear that the West is in the throes of Communist occupation, but that like the political machines of Tammany Hall, Communism is just tyranny, or rule for its own sake at the expense of civilization, culture, and individuals.

Societies turn toward bureaucracy when they overthrow their aristocrats. The middle class leads the way in support of its customers, the proles. They get rid of the idea of exceptional leaders and replace them with process and procedure. When that winds down, they go to total control.

Plato warns us against “the defenders of The People.” In the name of protecting you, they always seize power, where the sane simply attempt to make a functional civilization. You end up with Late Stage Democracy, where “The People” oppose a functional civilization because it will force them to change.

With election 2020, it became clear that American democracy (if you vote, it’s a democracy, even if not a direct democracy, which morons use to insist our Republic is not a democracy because it is not direct despite that being only one type of democracy) has reached an endpoint.

The Hart-Celler voters took it. When you have an existing plurality of foreign-origin (non-WASP) people who vote infallibly for the Left, you have a one-party state. All this talk of the “Uniparty” misses the point. With the diversity vote, there is one party, and the Republican Establishment just plays the token but compliant opposition.

For us to survive, we will have to end the entitlements — direct or in-kind payments to citizens, like public schools, social security, obamacare, welfare, and so on — that draw the diversity here, and end the civil rights agenda which creates tyranny of the majority.

Trump, borrowing from the Tea Party, offers what the GOP will not: function. People elect conservatives to make stuff work. He wants to make stuff work by cutting out two centuries of cruft and grift. Now that we have confirmation that the Left and diversity are what they seem to be, expect a crusade against Big Government:

If Trump wins in 2024, Vought told The Post, “from day one he will know how to put his hand in the glove and wield as much power within the federal government as possible and I think he will have a staff and an administration of like-minded individuals.”

Instead of depending on the Deep State for his appointees, Trump now has a mandate to un-do everything and, with the greater percentage of MAGA candidates in the House and Senate, a chance to pass some of this as legislation instead of executive orders. He can make permanent, transformative changes.

We have confirmation now that the Patriot Act, administrative state, entitlements, and diversity are threats to our existence. They must be removed by removing their basis in law, and that requires getting people together to repeal and replace lots of bad laws.

Last time, Trump held back from a need to appear moderate and somewhat conciliatory despite his inflammatory and hilarious tone. This time, he has confirmation that his enemies are what he says they are, and a mandate from the people voting for him to make massive changes.

In the lead-up to this election, look for more fighting to close the loopholes used to steal the vote like mail-in voting and mass dropoffs. Look for demands for no more people like Katie Hobbs running the elections in which they are candidates. Look for more exciting legal action involving the Supreme Court before the crisis hits.

We are in the final days of America as we knew it. Things will accelerate very rapidly now. The Trump boomerang strategy told us what was going to happen and let his enemies prove it to us. With that confirmation, people are finally ready for actual change.

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