Furthest Right

Compass Rose

Linear thinking is all very well, for those who inhabit a linear world.

I don’t know anyone who inhabits a linear world. I certainly don’t inhabit any such place.
A linear world is a fantasy, based upon linear thinking, that assumes that to arrive at Point B, one has merely to aim at it, and leave Point A.

In the non-existent linear world, this would be the best strategy. In the non-linear world, this is a seriously flawed mindset.

Nothing new comes from linear-thinking.

It can be a useful way of thinking, true, if one wants to build a garage from a set of plans, but not so useful if one wishes to build a garage from a pre-plan state.

Lateral thinking comes into its own when creativity is necessary.

I inhabit a lateral world: one in which there are mountains, swamps, rivers and bears in the way of leaving Point A and arriving at Point B.

In order to arrive at Point B, I must plan for detours, up, down, and around whatever lies between myself and my goal. Lo: we have left the two-dimensional world, and have moved into a third.

We think of the Political Landscape in linear terms. Two dimensions only.

From Far-Left to Far-Right, and whatever lies between those two extremes.
This limitation is – well – limiting. How much can it say about who and what we are, and where our goals lie? Something seems to be missing, and missing in spades!

Enter the Compass Rose…

There is the usual Left-Right plane, with the spindle in the Center. Think West and East. But now we have an Up-Down axis, represented by North and South.
We are very familiar with West and East, but what of North and South?
North gets to be the Mystical: the Spiritual, the non-material Source.
While South becomes the material, the physical Resource.

How do you see the world? The nation? It’s resources? Its natural environment?

I suggest it may be of some consequence to make a differentiation between Resource and Source.

A Resource is there to be used, by whomever gets to it first and can convert it into gold.
Whereas a Source is that from which all things come, are nourished by, and are unable to survive without.

West-East can not define a political orientation. Too much gets left unstated and assumed. Moving into three dimensions: much more is implied and understood…

I will define my stance as: NNE.

That is North-North-East. The Source is most important to me. Followed by a leaning towards the Political Right. I am, as so often comes to light, far more to the Center than I am to the Right. But with so little to choose from, to date, the Right is a more natural, and comfortable refuge for me.

If I were more interested in profiting from material Resources, than aligning with my Divine Source, then I might be: ESE, or East-South-East.

The finest place to be, is probably the Spindle, and complete balance would suggest that. But who has ever lived, who is completely balanced? Each of us probably has enough fingers upon which to count them.

An exercise in Lateral Thinking. A useful vantage, that leads to ever more vantages.

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