Furthest Right

Commenting on an urban blog

I think every ethnic group likes to live near people who are similar in culture, customs, values, language and heritage.

Is it racism for a black person to want to live with black people?

Is it racism for a white person to want to live with white people?

These are the real questions this video brings up for me.

Word On the Street

Their question: Can a black person be racist?

My answer: let’s deconstruct “racist.” It can mean two things:

  • Prefers to live in a nation composed of people similar in customs, values, culture, language and heritage.
  • Prefers to live in a mixed nation where they can scorn, oppress, abuse, mock and vilify people of other races.

I think almost everyone, except people who get on a moral high horse for being “open-minded,” is of type (a).

People who are of type (b) I think are sadists using race as their medium.

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