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Chad tells me what the human problem is

it’s human pride. that’s the root cause of pretty much every problem in the world. economic crisis? pride. israel-palestine? pride. iraq? pride. sudan? pride. “pure” religion would do a lot to solve these problems, but that requires humility and grace – traits that are sorely lacking in most “world leaders”.


While I think we all like the sound of “humility” and “grace,” these words are so ill-defined (lack of cultural consensus) that they mean nothing.

And the reply, if they post it:

To Chad:

You think the human problem is pride?

I think the human problem is that we’re willing to pander to each other by claiming to be egalitarian, when reality demands we be the exact opposite.

Madoff gave to charity. Bono gives to Africa. Obama talks about hope and change. Hamas talks about peace, while sending rockets. Israel talks about a one-state solution, while knowing that only a separate Jewish state will satisfy their needs.

I think the human problem is lies in order to manipulate each other.

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