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Comey Beheaded

All corrupt parties have a vested interest in chaos, uncertainty and misdirection. They specialize in generating reams of published material about any event. This then joins with those who write to be popular, which means they invent a way to translate popular opinion into a semi-topical screed about recent events, in spreading nonsense and foolishness.

Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey. Apparently this was a shock, and Comey found out about it secondhand; it also seemed like odd timing because Barack Obama has just brought himself and his new multi-million dollar war chest back to Washington, D.C., in an echo of the Clinton Foundation: a front man for receiving funds to distribute to agitators, as Leftists usually do.

A sensible supposition is that Trump has just sent a message to all employees of the US government:

If you have been working with the Establishment/Deep State, you can be fired at any time, even if there is no replacement handy.

We might call this the Trump Personnel Doctrine, or, throw the bad apples to the pigs. During the last eight years, only those who played nice with the Obama regime were promoted, and this took the form usually of sins of omission, or ignoring obvious lawbreaking, than affirmative acts. In particular, they ignored problems that contradicted the Obama doctrine of white replacement and Leftist rule.

Comey presided over the Fort Hood shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and several other events where the FBI stood down instead of investigating obvious threats who were not of a politically correct category. Investigate whites, ¡Sí!; investigate non-whites, ¡No!. And so Muslim terror was allowed to continue, making the white population cower in terror and emboldening angry minority groups.

Trump probably waited until he had both a clear picture of what Comey had done or failed to do, and a politically opportune time. Barack Obama has just had his hand spanked, much like Vladimir Putin got his hand spanked in Syria. While the pundits bloviate and talking heads chatter, behind the scenes, interesting things are happening.

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