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Character Does Not Matter To The Left. This Is A Feature, Not A Bug.

It surprises few that the Left does not understand the Right, but to this we can add that the Right does not understand the Left. The Right as realists with a goal of excellence find the rule-based, egalitarian Left to be as baffling as the Left find the non-ideological, organic Right to be.

However, all of us come down on one side or another; either you believe egalitarianism is necessary, or you do not. If you do not, you are on the Right with people like me, who notice a lack of “equality” in nature and logical reasons why that is a more intelligent way of doing things than uniformity.

That leads to a quandary because the Right is, for the most part, entirely captured by the Left it hoped to constrain. The two sides manifest in political parties which are made of people, and these people need to work together and get along on a daily basis, so they get chummy and soon are speaking the same language.

In the ecosystem of the Right, writers may be most important because their only self-interest is found in making clearer and more insightful ideas, which separates them from the self-interest of the politician in achieving funding, getting along with other politicians, and inducing votes from a mental sluggard electorate.

For that reason, writers labor to refine the Right by bringing it back to its core principles (realism+excellence) instead of getting too caught up in the day-to-day battle of Red Team versus Blue Team and whatever outrages they perpetrate on each other.

In the interest, then, of furthering understanding of both Right and Left, it makes sense to look more deeply into the issue of character:

As the Kavanaugh hearings again remind us, for modern liberals, it’s never really about the character of the individual. Virtually all that matters is furthering the liberal agenda.

…Because the U.S. federal courts have been a reliable resource for liberal causes and left-wing law, anything or anyone – no matter their character – seen as a threat to the left’s hold on the courts must be “taken out.”

This writer says the above as if agnosticism to character was a bug of the Leftist program (EQUALITY.EXE). In reality, aversion to concerns of character is a feature of the Left by design because it allows a wider franchise. Anyone can play at Leftism.

If we are to trace Leftism to its roots, we find it in the ancient Greek tyrants or their pre-modern equivalent, Genghis Khan. The Khan was both tolerant and supremely intolerant; he allowed anyone into his society, so long as they swore allegiance to him, but he also tortured and killed those who were not in his group.

This forms a perfect formula for runaway growth, like Amazon, third world breeding, or Islamic evangelism. It is a binary view of the world: anyone who swears loyalty to us is good, and everyone else must die. Therefore, those who do not want to die or simply have better things to do will be co-opted into the pseudo-tribe with fear.

The Khan did not care about character, either. He wanted obedience; this is the law of control and of tyrants. They do not want you to do the thinking because you might notice where the Khan’s mental model differs from reality in small but important ways. They want only conformity and support.

Controllers (this is the generic term for tyrants) regulate method in lieu of goal, because the goal of control is always the same: more power, less dissent. Control shapes your thinking by limiting what methods you can use.

This way, the controller avoids the existential question that faces all living things. When confronted with a larger world, we either change ourselves to fit in it, or we change our perception of it so that we seem to fit. A controller is the ultimate resister to adaptation, and by forcing others to follow his vision, makes himself seem to fit into the world as perfectly adapted and in fact at its apex, when in fact he is merely an amalgamation of apathy and error forming the usual parasite, entropy, and selfishness nexus that tears down all good things.

Humans invent controllers wherever humans gather in groups because humans possess the same disease of not wanting to adapt. Left to their own devices, crowds quickly mobilize into a type of cult, witch hunt, mafia, clique, lynch mob, stampede, gang, fad, panic, mania, dancing sickness, mass hysteria, peer pressure, or group of bullies.

In this scenario, character matters in negative numbers because character represents adaptation to the universe. When we are a small part of something, and it created us, the healthy among us seek to form unitive bonds with it. Family, faith, culture, heritage, and excellence are some of these bonds.

Controllers on the other hand seek people of little character because adaptation to the universe clashes with the need of the controller, which is that you bleat out his anti-adaptation collective hallucination as reality even though it obviously is not, just like the number of beets reported harvested in Pravda was always wrong.

For Leftism, a lack of character is not a bug; it is a feature. This anti-character behavior is how they manage to form a mob of neurotic cowards to weaponize and take over societies, and also explains why any time they do achieve power, the society they took over immediately begins dying out.

Consider another view of Leftist tactics:

This is how the Dems play the game. And to them, it is a game. No rules, no ethical boundaries. Just win, no matter how dirty you have to play. It is this kind of skullduggery that put Trump in the White House. The American people are sick to death of these duplicitous, underhanded shenanigans.

…These Democrats who believe they are so much smarter, so much cleverer than the millions of people who voted for Trump are leading their party to the slaughterhouse of political irrelevance. They are the reason there is a #WalkAway movement, why thousands of former Democrats are leaving the party. The founder of that movement, Brandon Straka, has now been banned from Facebook, that proven adjunct of the Democratic Party.

For over two years, the left has used every foul trick in its book of cons to destroy Trump, to no avail. Our self-appointed betters are clueless about how the American people see them. They see them with growing contempt of the variety with which the elites have always viewed the people who live between the coasts and whose values differ from theirs.

The anti-adaptation agenda can be termed an ideology because an ideology is a study of ideals, which in the vernacular refers to speculative or conjectural ideas which are not true but which large groups of humans wish were true. Ideology is wishful thinking enshrined as sainthood and made into agenda.

For the Left, their ideology represents the only good in a dark world. There is no God, no purpose, and no real joy to life itself, but there is meaning to be found — they think — in their fellow humans. Where others see what they do and celebrate it, they feel a brief warmth against the frigid cold of existence.

Since their ideology is good in a messianic religious sense, and everything natural is by implication bad, Leftists see nothing “wrong” with doing wrong in the name of their ideology. To them, no matter how many die or are enslaved, as long as the ideology is achieved, the only good possible in the world is also achieved.

These are not bugs. These are features, or parts of the design of Leftism itself, and are largely responsible for its success. As in Revenge of the Nerds or Napoleon Dynamite, Leftism gathers up the disaffected, lost, neurotic, unhappy, schizoid, criminal, drunk, and hopeless, and makes an army out of them.

If we are to deal with Leftism in our society, we need to recognize its nature. Conservatives shy away from this because to recognize Leftism for what it is means that we also have to realize that we cannot coexist with it. Leftism is a toxic parasite, and our only hope is to reject it and eject it.

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