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Caucasians, A Brief History

Husband: looks like we have run out of space to roam, time for permanent civilization. I’ll get started on agriculture.
Wife: maybe now we can finally have some nice things, even if you will miss roving the steppes.

Husband: this agriculture was a big success at producing calories, but now the workers are reproducing very rapidly.
Wife: let us assign them specific niche roles so that they can limit their own population.

Husband: this did not work out so well. We now have more proles than we know what to do with, and the middle class loves selling them stuff, so the kings are going to be overthrown.
Wife: this system you have set up to keep them in line, with taxes and laws, seems to working out okay.

Husband: now that the middle class has overthrown the kings, society has become crass and awful
Wife: let us try a religious revival as you have suggested before, or maybe use patriotism?

Husband: we have invented a new belief in “freedom” that should keep everyone oriented toward working together, since we only all get freedom when we support it for everyone
Wife: the difficulty seems to be that some people in this “Enlightenment™” of yours are coming out winners, while others are staying poor, ugly, sick, weak, and stupid

Husband: our new initiative changes from “freedom” to “equality,” so that those of us who have wealth can subsidize the rest and keep them from starting revolutions or allying with our enemies
Wife: truly, I am skeptical this will work because most people are slavering gibbering idiots, but I trust you have some kind of plan.

Husband: our real problem here is that we have too many people and not enough jobs because our organization has made it easy to take advantage of economies of scale
Wife: maybe we can create some laws that make jobs so these people can stay busy

Husband: the more stuff we give them, the less they do, so now our productivity is crashing because the population wants either make-work jobs or free welfare
Wife: your solution of importing third world labor makes sense then, although it will be difficult to keep these hominids out of the vegetable garden

Husband: wow it took almost no time for diversity to devastate our society; within a generation we went from a functional place to a graffiti-smeared, high crime, low IQ, and corrupt disasters
Wife: perhaps you can curtail the bad behavior by rewarding only those who behave well, and deplatforming those who do not?

Husband: well, we created a perfect system of control, but now the mob has control of it and anyone who says something realistic gets deplatformed and ostracized
Wife: we need to try an alternate direction, like getting rid of the welfare and make-work jobs, and sending people back to the homestead

Husband: you are right as usual dearest but they are never going to buy that unless there is some kind of crisis
Wife: watch (eats bat)

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