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Capitalism Is a Spook, Democracy the Real Culprit

The Left tends to blame no one except non-Leftists, but the Right sees no need for allegiance, only to have some common sense. Unfortunately, that common sense leaves when suddenly we have a spate of scapegoats.

Whether people blame the Rich, the Jews, the Whites, the Illuminati, or the Freemasons, they cede their own sense of autonomy and instead make themselves into self-pitying victim-identifying people made inert by the belief that they lack efficacy.

None of these theories make any sense, either, since anyone powerful enough to be a shadow government would not need the people they rule over. A real invisible manipulator would simply never be detected.

People want a scapegoat however for something to blame for the invisible, pervasive, and inescapable failing of the West. We refuse to think that it is an idea that has taken up parasitic residence in our minds and that ruins all that we do.

Of course, most people operate in a scapegoat/victimhood cycle. To them, religion means “why did God do this to me?” They do not believe in their own agency, so are always looking for some external object to influence their inner state.

In fact, our whole society follows this model. With permanent civilization, one must control the habits of the many so to influence their thinking in order to cultivate a certain state of mind that keeps the proles from revolting.

When things go wrong, the idea of changing behavior or even changing thinking does not occur to these people at all. They look for a new god to worship or new daemon to curse, and so they find scapegoats.

Their religion has a sacred idol at its center and that is the human being, hence its name “humanism,” although it is more appropriately called “individualism.” They cannot criticize our behavior because that makes us unequal.

Instead it is off to the races, blaming the Rich or even capitalism itself. This is a safe thing to blame, since everyone wants free money, and the opposite of capitalism as most of the bell curve understands it is free money.

What they do not realize is that we do not have capitalism nor have had anything like it for 109 years, since when we adopted income taxes a great market distortion was created, and this has only been compounded.

We live in a market socialist system, meaning that regulated (not free) markets are used to generate tax revenue which then pays out socialist-style entitlements including welfare, social security, obamacare, etc.

Ironically, our attempts to minimize money (entitlements) and power (democracy) have just made everything much, much worse. Taxes raise costs and reduce wages, increase red tape, and transfer power to government.

With lower taxes, government is expected to do less, so culture retains many of its functions. The higher the taxes go, the less culture you have, as more things are taken over by bureaus and administration.

When taxes go up, wages go down because that money goes into the tax system instead. Costs go up, and those are always passed on to the consumer, sometimes many times when raw materials are taxed as well as finished product.

Democracy always takes this path because it forms a group dedicated to abolishing reality. In any group, some find themselves unsuccessful, so they band together and overthrow those that are successful.

This requires taking their money, which is why every democratic revolution “liberalizes” standards in order to erase morality, then implements legal theft via taxation to take from the strong to give to the weak.

Blaming capitalism is trendy, but in fact our last tantrum over capitalism is what produced the system that makes us miserable today. Instead of blaming capitalism, blame socialism, or rather, liberalization which leads to overgrown government.

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