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Many things in life are mysterious. All of them succumb to thinking about them the right way. Most people think about them backward, looking to events as a cause in themselves. A better way is to look for the cause that will produce them as an effect.

In the case of sane people in the modern West, in the midst of its suicide brought on by liberalism which is essentially a proxy for organized individualism which is a form of criminality, most despair. How do you undo such a profound change? How do you resist that which seduces with lies, promises free goodies, corrupts definitions and turns us against each other?

I submit a simple answer: the same way you’d tackle any other problem.

Our crisis is not one of being outnumbered, yet. The average person in the West is essentially conservative but is taught to be afraid of conservatism. However, if given a plausible option and the ability to support it without threat of retribution, they will go for it.

For all the writings on the internet, and all the ink spilled in the press, conservatives have not yet found a way to unify themselves. This is in part because they are afraid of violating the idea of individualism/egalitarianism, which is expressed for conservatives with the usual platitudes about liberty, freedom, independence and get-off-my-lawn.

It is also in part because it is the human tendency to complain in lieu of acting. It is the human tendency also to become self-pitying, and in face of an obstacle to look toward another method instead of finding a way of working the obvious solution. We are all self-destructive in that we are evasive.

This casting aside is the oldest of human foolishness, which is to measure quantity not quality. When we encounter a challenge, we decide to try something else (we need more things = quantity) instead of improving things as they are (quality) until they meet our needs.

In politics, this is the equivalent of finding crab grass in your lawn, so you sell the house and move to another state.

Our forefathers built the West from nothing. Our homeland Europe is not the most opulent of places and in fact is quite forbidding. The winter alone drove most away. But they forged on, taking what they had and improving it, generation after generation, until something great emerged from the flames.

The same task is upon us now. We recognize that our institutions are broken and our society has run away in the grips of the philosophical equivalent of rumors. These are expressed in the form of pleasant illusions, snake oil salesjobs, and trendy sayings that make people feel intelligent and superior to repeat.

If this illusion were different, for example a reliance on measuring in cubits instead of metric or English measurements, we would know what to do. We would get out there and talk to others with the goal of achieving group agreement on what is needed. A group would form and gain momentum, and change would occur.

The present situation is no different.

We know what went wrong: long ago, we decided that the choices of human individuals were more important than the shared values and goals necessary for collaboration. In doing so, we began unmaking our civilization. This radical individualism takes many forms, but it tends to form groups in a process called Crowdism that mobilizes people to demand zero accountability for their actions.

Sure, they’re okay with being barred from murder, rape and the like. They fear those. But they want to be able to borrow money without consequences, live crazy lifestyles, think crazy thoughts, take wealth and time from the rest, and all without someone pointing out that they’re crazy. Eventually they will even demand that society subsidize them in doing so, a process known as Socialism.

We know their weak spot, which is that the Emperor has no clothes; when challenged in their beliefs, they tend to panic and call names, and then retreat. But they have to be challenged. They fear challenge, and so they tend to be bullies. In order to maintain the illusion of being concerned with our common welfare, they become passive aggressive bullies who try to provoke us into responding so they can amass an angry mob and retaliate.

You won’t read about this in mainstream conservative (or any other) publications. It is simply too on fire, and cuts too close to the bone. Like many other things that make lots of people afraid, we use “social” forces like peer pressure, ostracization, censure and “everybody knows better” as a meme to cow people into not mentioning these things. But the truth is there every instant staring us in the face.

The individualists gained conquest by a simple strategy:

  1. Adopt a veneer of moral right.
  2. Project a greater popularity than exists.
  3. Appear everywhere and in every guise.
  4. Retaliate against those who do not agree.
  5. Reward those who advance the Ideology.

This isn’t unique to the individualists. It is how any idea gains dominance in a society. I suggest we can do the exact same thing, but with a twist: our idea is based in end results, not in moral measurements. In other words, we are the brave few who venture out beyond the herd and point out the glaring reality. We are the people who want the glory that comes with being more proficient because we saw that reality.

Thus I suggest the following:

  1. Reality is right, and everything else is manipulation. The same way we’d spank back a snake oil salesman. We talk about “show me the money” and demand to see results. We demand accountability which means showing us what works and throwing out what does not, even if jobs are lost.
  2. We are the party that crosses all class lines. Whether you are poor, rich, old, young, man, woman, sheep or goat, you have an interest in function and in avoiding snake oil sales. We are the reality principle that rewards good people and kicks out the bad.
  3. Get the word out on the streets and in the boardrooms. The right has too many chiefs and not enough Indians. More on this in a moment, but the basic idea is this: don’t wait for the right movement to get involved in; pick up what’s there and push it forward to its conclusion.
  4. Let individualists know there are consequences. Anders Breivik shot their children, and caused parents to yank their kids out of liberal programs by the hundreds. We can simply promise legal consequences and public shaming of people who espouse individualism because they are insane. Insanity, stupidity and criminality will always be taboo.
  5. Advance our cause with nepotism and camaraderie. When there are others who are even close to our ballpark, give to them before others. Push their names to the top of the stack. Feel no guilt; the opposite of us is the enemy of life itself.

Does that sound extreme? No and yes. It is not extreme in that we are not demanding revolution, executions, gulags and guillotines like the individualists. It is extreme in that it demands we stop the last few centuries of ivory tower fantasizing about what might be and focus on the reality in front of us.

The only remaining thought is the question, “What do we stand for?” A quick survey of realists through history finds these might fit:

  • Society is always at risk of being parasitic. Government, rich criminals, poor criminals, and other parasites are always a risk. When a society organizes, it tends to become afraid of disrupting what it already has, so it buys off troublesome people instead of exiling them. “Don’t rock the boat” and “Can’t everyone just get along” are the same sentiment. Kick out all parasites and parasitic institutions, including any government that is not absolutely necessary.
  • Our society has become ugly and has made us self-destructive. We focus on the miserable and pretend to be “elevating” them, but really we are the ones who need saving. Forget the third world, the poor, the dying, the sick and the suicidal. Focus on building strong and healthy people and others will follow.
  • There is only one environmental crisis: too many humans. When there are enough trees and open land, animals are safe. When every human being can move anywhere on earth, get a job and borrow money for a house and car, they all will and soon we will crowd out these creatures. We need to stop allowing people to subsidize themselves and borrow their way into covering the earth in selfish humans.
  • We need a common identity, values and goal. Without having a direction to go in and a way to go about doing it, we wander in circles and start picking each others’ pockets. We need to aim for being a much better version of the civilization we once were. “Helping the poor” is a proxy for this that does not work.

The main point is this:

We are the people who compose this civilization.

When we sleep, people who are crazy come in and break it. They will try to use guilt and passive aggression to scare us away from forcing reality back on them. But this is not a question of their freedom to be crazy; it’s a question of our freedom to live without the craziness, ugliness, selfishness, greed and dishonesty they bring.

We are the people who can reclaim this civilization and put it on track.

This requires people to take their energies away from complaining on the internet or trying to be “bipartisan,” and focusing them instead on building a strong party. The individualist Democrats will never do it. Turn to the right, get involved and become vital to their efforts, and start turning heads in the correct direction.

Bring the war. Push back against the enemy. Bravery and truth are our only weapons. Bring the lies they tell to their homes, to their jobs, to their faces. Shame them and drive them back into the dark. Stand up for what is right not with angry words, but by rebuilding from within. Reconquer.

The squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease. We need to be that squeaky wheel. And now, in our darkest hour, we need to speak in unison and demand sanity and reality in place of the great criminal enterprise which in the name false “good” has torn our civilization apart from within.

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