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Blaming Politicians is Pointless Scapegoating

If you want to be popular, accept everyone and blame something else for their troubles, then tell them that by defeating this something else, you can have Utopia.

It’s the same old human scam. It works every time. You see it at every level of human affairs, from your friend-group at the pub to which corporate products get ahead to who runs a democracy. This method works on a group because groups have no consciousness, only reactions.

Right now, on both the Left and Right, random ambitious people are making a name for themselves by telling us how terrible the politicians are. Any time you encounter an answer this easy, stop and think: if it were that easy, it would be solved.

Politicians do not exist without voters; in fact, what voters will vote for shapes who becomes a politician, and later, who wins. The voters created the politicians. Everything bad about the politicians reflects the voters.

As a wise person once observed, “every society gets the government it deserves.” The problem is us. Our souls are degenerate because of equality. We would rather self-express and feel a temporary jolt of power than defer to hierarchy and have someone competent in charge.

When the voters select politicians, they choose someone who is competent at pandering to their self-expression, not policy. The voters respond to social fears, such as worrying that Trump is too outrageous or Reagan too masculine. They panic and flee the other way, selecting horrible people to rule over them.

These horrible people then do destructive things, as such types are wont to do. The voters go back to sleep, figuring that with a flick of their fingers, they have “solved” the “problem.” Then when they need to be voting for people to un-do the mess, the voters chase “new” problems and opportunities instead, and get scammed yet again.

If there’s someone who needs to be overthrown, it is the voters. Politicians, bad laws, etc., are a symptom of bad voters, and there are no good voters, since in groups people defer to social concerns and leave their brains at the door.

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