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Black Racists Claim Blacks Incompetent

Seven black firefighters are suing the city, contending that the Houston Fire Department;s test for officer promotions adversely affects blacks.

Firefighters trying to attain the rank of captain and above in the Houston Fire Department must take a 100-question multiple-choice test. Numerous studies show that blacks as a group do less well on high-stakes tests, Thompson said. He said fire departments should use cognitive tests only as a pass-fail benchmark and also should focus on performance exercises and other criteria.

Kevin Michael Foster, an education anthropologist at the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education, agreed that research has demonstrated a test score gap between blacks and whites. There are several theories about why, but a primary explanation has to do with minority students disproportionately receiving inferior educations compared to whites, he said.

“If you are African-American, there is a greater likelihood that throughout your academic career you have been taught by teachers of less experience, you have been taught in settings of low-performing schools,” Foster said.

Houston Chronicle

Liberal duality on race is seen here:

(a) Minorities are equal to us in abilities.
(b) They need our help, so we should dumb things down for them.

Why are liberals fond of minorities?

(c) It makes us feel good about ourselves to help people we consider dumber than us, and it makes us look better to a Crowd than others who aren’t doing the same.

Why not encourage the black community to become more adept at the linear word, in print, and move away from oral tradition, a bit, instead of waving a crutch at everything they can’t comprehend?

Because evolution is cruel.

Some whites, like the Irish or Russians, have average IQs around 96 per population.

Others, like the Northwestern Europeans who founded the USA rank at an average of 103-107 IQ points.

African-Americans have an average IQ of 89.

They can’t. Society will always discriminate against them because intelligence is genetic, and they did not form the types of societies required in Northwestern Europe that encouraged evolution.

Neither did the Irish, who lived as independent subsistence farmers, nor the Eurasians, who had different types of social units.

Let’s all be mature and look at the science behind our problems instead of resorting to the Religion of Equality, which is just as much a fundamentalist religion as radical Christianity.

Here’s some helpful links:

Even more, let’s acknowledge history, which shows us that no “diverse” (translation: racially mixed) nation has ever prospered; they’ve just gone downhill.

This even applies to mixed white ethnicities. I don’t think it’s “racist” to look honestly at our heritage as groups and see our differences, any more than it’s “classist” to notice that I don’t look like Brad Pitt nor am as fast in the water as Michael Phelps.

Biology is destiny. If you’re mature and rational, you accept this detail of science and do the best with it.

If you’re delusional and have low self-esteem, you whine about diversity and classism and other issues which have nothing to do with reality.

Diversity destroys nations by forcing the highest to conform to a standard of those who are less optimized for that society, which produces a lowest common denominator effect. Those nations then collapse into third world status.

We don’t want that, do we?

Then face the science and stop whining. It doesn’t help blacks, whites or other groups (note that “black” and “white” are scientifically imprecise terms; it makes more sense to use ethnicity descriptions like Nordic, Bantu, Zulu, Finnish, etc.).


We should pay attention to the science:

Evolution splits us by race, ethnicity, class, caste, family and individual abilities — all of these splits, at once.

Equality is a myth. So is diversity. They are perpetuated by neurotic people who want to one-up others by claiming to be more altruistic, because they support minorities they secretly think are much dumber than themselves.

How condescending.

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