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Remember back when life was not haunted by the crisis of total social instability lurking in the background and making you fear for the future? That is your society before Leftism fully kicks in. Even with the Cold War, we lived a saner, simpler life under WASP America.

During the 1990s however Bill Clinton took over and made diversity his priority, following the ideals of Irish politicians in the 1960s. He hired as many high-profile diverse candidates as he could, funneled money to the non-White underclass, and shoehorned diversity as a kind of mantra into all government activities.

At the same time, Clinton embarked on a systematic program to eliminate those who knew better. He fired as many old-guard, conservative, and WASP people as possible, replacing them with loyalists. Soon the DOJ worked for him, including many of those affirmative action candidates.

The Left appears only in wealthy societies where people have lost any sense of goal. Instead of trying to imitate the past, they rebel against it, and in this manic contrarianism reject anything that makes sense and replace it with symbols of happiness, love, and other positive things as palliative care for the human mind.

They sell illusion. They want you to believe that you do not need to change internally and find a sense of purpose, that everything is fine, that all those signs of decay you see are in fact signals of success, and that nothing real matters so you can wander off into the ghetto of your own ego and social status.

The people who shepherd the Leftists do this for a simple reason: they run political machines, or covert organizations which trade favors for power. The Leftist leaders want power in perpetuity even though they have no goal, and they aim to destroy civilization in order to rule the ruins.

In recent years they have merely intensified this quest. COVID-19 gave them an excuse to demand vaccines, masking, and shutdowns, knowing that this would cause the competent to flee their jobs and run off to the country where they can be poor and powerless.

Let me rephrase that: the Left loves it when Right-wingers start talking about The Benedict Option. They want you to run away, cede control, but keep paying those taxes that they redistribute to the minority underclass.

When they started requiring vaccines, they either drove out or fired most of the White and possibly conservative people working in positions of power, and replaced them with affirmative action cases. Many more quit or retired early, allowing similar replacements.

Following the South Africa model, this means that much of our public and private infrastructure is now in the hands of those who are opposed to the White majority, much like during the 1960s through 1980s many WASPs were replaced with “near-Whites,” people from formerly White areas now dominated by trace admixture like Southern, Irish, Eastern, and Mediterranean Europe.

In doing so, they broke the White country of America and replaced it with one dedicated to diversity and other ideological aims which government could use as a “blank cheque” to raid more money from heritage Americans through taxes, affirmative action, unions, and regulations.

Who could come up with such a fiendish plan? In my view, there was no plan: the Left operate like all criminals, which is to take over, replace those who would rightfully be in charge with cronies and allies, and then steal everything they can until they finally get caught.

When you talk to jailed criminals, they rarely mention the conditions of their busts. They usually talk about how sweet it was when they had their scams and crimes going, and how life was really good, and when they get out, this time they have learned how to avoid getting caught. This motivates them to keep trying.

The Clinton gang got caught a few times, but because they systematically destroy evidence and replace it with misdirection, they never got convicted. The scam could keep going, just like it did under LBJ after he snuffed JFK to remove any limits on how big the crime could get.

Is there honor among thieves? Yes, until a bigger score presents itself, at which point it is “every man for himself,” which coincidentally seems to be the hidden slogan of all Leftists. Like the bourgeois middle class, they want to get rid of social order so they can get rich, rich, rich.

Even if this fails a million times, they will keep trying. Without it, they have nothing to move them forward every day, and they are narcissistic enough to look down on people in regular jobs as suckers and idiots who are there to be fleeced like sheep.

Now we can move on to other blank cheques that they have used. In the past, it was anti-poverty, then anti-racism. Anti-terrorism followed, after they got done milking anti-drugs for new community centers and free school lunch programs. Now comes Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing and of course, more anti-racism.

To understand these blank cheques, you have to understand how political machines work: they trade favors for money and power. They will help you out now, but in the future, you will owe them something, like a vote, turning a blind eye to the scam, signing over some of your business, and so forth. They are a mafia, these “leaders” we have.

For them to keep making money, they have to first have money, which they do with the taxpayers and their reckless borrowing. Every government program that pays out to the underclass hires a lot of people, writes a lot of contracts for construction and equipment, and buys votes with free stuff from government.

Criminals are pathological like gamblers, drug addicts, over-eaters, and pedophiles. They cannot stop themselves and they will elect to have gratification now rather than stability in the future. They think they have produced the perfect scam: pay minorities to vote for them, take money from the taxpayers, and use it to buy “favors” to trade.

In their minds, the rest of us are hopeless idiots with our addiction to stupid daylight pleasures like function, balance, morality, honesty, and achievement. All of that stuff is hogwash for fools, they think, and the real good life consists in keeping the scam going and laughing at the idiots too addled to notice.

They like centralization for this reason. Not just in government, but in business. They would be happy if big corporations ran the world because then they could shake those down on a regular basis. They distrust independence, like small business, family farms, and most of all, culture which might influence buying decisions.

If you imagined a society where the shopkeepers took over and ejected anyone who knew better or had a broader, deeper, or more enduring vision, you would be seeing right into the heart of Late Stage Democracy. The shopkeepers want to keep taking your money, buying votes, and trading favors. They see no other future.

This makes them terrifying. Imagine a pilot who wanted to keep flying at five thousand feet and ignored warnings about mountains. Or a ship captain who wants to keep going south no matter what is in the way. Perhaps even a gambler who will gladly mortgage his house, sell his kids, and prostitute his wife just so he can keep playing.

That is the pathology of the people who rule you now. They used the blank cheque of COVID-19 to smash small business, fire anyone not blindly obedient enough to take the mysterious mix vaccines, and distribute money to all of their cronies. Now they nearly have total control and it excites them more than food, sex, or love.

The same mentality extends to business. Once it gains monopoly status, much like government has a monopoly over taxes, business shifts from productivity toward rent-seeking because now it must support the giant bureaucracy it has created and the workers who staff it. This is made worse by government action like high taxes, regulations, affirmative action, and legal protection for unions.

Take Google, for instance. They started out offering the best project, grew huge, and now want to force every website to jump through expensive hoops just to be featured in the index. This has made them into a parasite on the market mainly because their employees are parasites on the company.

If Google were run by sane people, it would be a few thousand engineers in San Francisco keeping a search engine, ad network, and email client afloat. These ventures have succeeded for Google; everything else they do seems to be make-work to keep employees busy and hire valuable people so that other companies cannot have them.

However, if they did that, they would give up on the dream of running everything. Their search business is a blank cheque; they will use it in order to increase their power as far as it will go. This is what happens when ordinary people pretend to be kings.

History shows us time and again that success presents as much risk as reward. If your company succeeds, you will be afraid to do anything but repeat the same methods that got you there, even though the game has changed because of your participation in it.

Some of your employees will break away and form a dark organization dedicated to being a parasite on the company. They will justify this by pointing out that imitating the past is not a great mission statement, and in the process will make your company bigoted against realism and addicted to Utopian symbolism as a means of gaining power.

At Google and other large corporations, management followed government recommendations. They demanded the vaccine in many cases. This likely caused all of their competent White staff to quit, and allowed their former roles to be filled by affirmative action, soyboys, and women.

This means that America is truly heading into a “dark winter” where those who want to inherit America show us exactly why they could not build America, which was created by Western European men, most of whom were conservative and religious, although I think history will show us that most were Deists and not specificially Christian.

Trump could not have planned it better if he had tried. We will get to take our magic time machine to see the future of America if it follows the South Africa formula of diversity, corruption, and socialism. The time before constant crisis is looking better every day, and this is no longer simply nostalgia.

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