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The BBC asked for my opinion on a survey, so I gave it to them on the question of how they could improve their news coverage:

It’s time to go off-narrative and admit that we are in Late Stage Civilization, urbanization/overpopulation is causing ecocide, and equality has created low-quality soft totalitarian rule. These are the big issues. Everything else is entertainment.

Breaking that down:

  • Late Stage Civilization: long ago, we lost the will to be good, having given in to doubt about the goodness of life itself. That led us to give up on leadership and adopt democracy instead, and decline has followed.
  • Urbanization/Overpopulation: most of the world now lives in cities which produce concentrated pollution, and we have over eight billion people. This means not just ecocide but climate shifts worldwide as concrete cities displace jet streams (the “heat island” effect, not “climate change”).
  • Equality Tyranny: since we “agree to disagree” through pluralism instead of (quelle horror) having aristocrats, we are ruled by the need to keep dysfunctional equality seeming like it is working. This means punishing anyone who notices its failure.

All other issues arise from these, and all other problems are handled by addressing these, yet we almost never hear about them in the media.

What does this tell us about products, votes, and careerist bureaucrats? They are rewarded for repeating back to We The People what is popular. They will never tell you the truth, because that carries a burden of duty which is unpopular.

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