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Biden Holds the Bag

No intelligently cynical employee would ever blindly accept a job from a person that does not necessarily have the best interests of the employee at heart. President Biden could win a medal at the cyncicism Olympics, but one might question his intelligence in accepting the nomination to be President of The United States because the prestige and glamour do not justify the extent to which the man has been set up to fail.

I do not point this out to excuse the man. Joseph Biden has proven execrable for as long as I have had basic cognizance of his political career. When Then-Senator Joseph Biden plagiarized one of Niel Kinnock’s political orations, the British electorate had prima face evidence that it was time to tune Mr. Kinnock out. There are worse ways to judge a man than by who would willingly borrow a few of his lines.

No powerful man in Washington, DC seems less qualified to run Amerika than Joseph Biden. Guess who rose to the top of our democracy? Democracy seems to manfiest the synchronicity between democracy and The Suck Singularity. Democracy does not send its best because it actively and aggressively screens it out with a low-pass filter.

If we agree to accept that The Biden Presidency exists to purposively fail, then three worthwhile questions come to the fore.

  1. Why deliberately set up a failed presidency?
  2. Who would want this to happen?
  3. Why choose Joe Biden to fail?

Question Number One has two potentially valid answers. If I were Amerika’s Dungeon Master, two possible forces could motivate me to actually buy myself a guaranteed failure and go to the trouble of installing him in The White House. I could hate Amerika and most of the people who live there, or I could want to see more people successfully loot the place out of a basic sense of fairness.

Question Number Two has one answer with two subsets. Only Amerika’s enemies would want Joe Biden’s successful career in politics to happen to The Amerikan People. Amerika, like most other large and wealthy countries, has fulsomely earned earned two subsets of enemies. These are foreign enemies and domestic enemies.

Foreign enemies view Amerika as an aggressor, a competitor, or a massive cultural parasite. The particular one of the three does not matter. The set of emotions and desires inspired by any of the three causal vectors are the same. Most other large, wealthy, and powerful individuals from foreign nations consider the average Amerikan to be ovenable. Once you grasp this fact, you can now have a broader, enlightened, and cosmopolitan understanding of why nearly 7.8 Billion citizens of the world detest the fact that you continue to exist. Get it? Got it. Good.

Domestic enemies view their compatriots and neighbors as competitors, aggressors, or as societal parasites. Every dollar that your kind gets is stolen from the ones that look, think, or believe like them. Making Amerika America again would invigorate all that these people detest. The typical compatriot from a different colored mother is overnable. They voted in Biden because they knew he would gladly screw your dog and then steal his Milk Bones out of spite. They truly believe that you condignly deserve to have that befall you. This is who the current Amerikan Left genuinely is.

Question Number Three could have three possible answers. Two of the three could accurately describe Joe Biden. An ideal candidate that serves as a deliberate failure could come in three modes. There is the living before picture, the living aftermath, and the living never-will-be. The living Before Picture has undertaken or received nothing that would possibly make them an effective leader. Justin Trudeau and Jacob Frey are both living Before Pictures. People see the Before Picture as young and cute. Their fear of anything resembling actual professional responsibility can make them do awful things.

Joseph Biden would fall into one of the other two categories. He could be a living aftermath of a life wasted in the public sector or a living never-will-be who never landed due to his fear of facing uncontrolled flight. Joe Biden grabbed a senate seat from Delaware in a year where anyone not convicted of seriel murder had a good shot of unseating a GOP incumbent. He then stayed in The US Senate and failed at running for higher office until Barack Obama decided that he needed a pet White Boy to balance his ticket.

Then, as perhaps the most vice of our nation’s Vice-Presidents, those around him publically ridiculed him. President Obama warned his White House staff never to underestimate Joe Biden’s ability to screw things up. I will never accuse Joe Biden of knowing very much. His genuine lack of curiosity innoculates him from overthinking things. This also prevents him from ever developing beyond the daily requirements of holding aplace in some bureacracy.

We also should consider the intense hidden anger this man harbors towards his peers. One of the few things Joe Biden does know all about would be the opinion others hold of him. He has managed to figure out that Barack and Michelle were not just laughing with him. He probably understands that he gained power via a rigged Presidential Election and that no panel of his coequals would ever really consider him worthy of admiration. Joe Biden has understood this for at least the last forty years of public service.

This makes Joe Biden the living aftermath of forty years of personal and professional disrespect. He walks around bitter, paranoid, and in eternal search of petty, obnoxious vengeance. He also envies anyone else who has earned respect and postion in life. Joe Biden hates those who remind him of the extent to which he is a walking screw-up. Anyone wanting to punish Amerikans for the eternal crime of existing would want nothing more than to install Joseph Biden as their President.

One thing that Joe Biden does not quite grasp involves the extent to which his promotion will not lead him to happiness or success. He rules to be a bag holder and a scapegoat. He is now the scapegoat for a speculative economy that suffers from inflation that should have already been manifest for at least a decade. He is now the scapegoat for all of the excesses of political radicals such as BLM and Antifa. He is now the scapegoat for a military-warmonger-industrial complex that has helped ruin a once great military while corrupting the foreign relations of The Amerikan Nation.

Those who installed Biden to fail have probably written off at least the 2022 Midterm Elections. They are hoping that all of Progressivism’s sins will wander off into the desert and die. Then, in 2024, they can install a new leader via The Democratic Party’s Primary Elections and then begin their punishment of Amerika all over again.

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