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Biden Bungles Ukraine While The Right Rises

Following our previous analysis, it makes sense to explore why the Ukraine war just kicked off: the West, avoiding the clear wisdom Trump gave us, waffled and backstabbed our way into war over oil:

The 750-mile pipeline was completed in September but has not yet received final certification from German regulators. Without that, natural gas cannot flow through the Baltic Sea pipeline from Russia to Germany.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Ukraine and several EU countries have opposed the pipeline since it was announced in 2015, warning the project would increase Moscow’s influence in Europe.

Nord Stream 2 could deliver 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. That’s more than 50% of Germany’s annual consumption and could be worth as much as $15 billion to Gazprom, the Russian state owned company that controls the pipeline.

If Ukraine is destroyed, in a constant state of revolution, or part of Russia, Nordstream 2 looks better than using Ukrainian pipes:

For Kyiv, it is feared the pipeline could lead to fewer natural gas flows via Ukrainian pipes and hence fewer revenues to its ailing economy.

Back when America had a leader, Trump opposed Nordstream 2 with sanctions:

The sanctions target firms building Nord Stream 2, an undersea pipeline that will allow Russia to increase gas exports to Germany.

The US considers the project a security risk to Europe.

Both Russia and the EU have strongly condemned the US sanctions.

However, Biden waived those sanctions:

The Biden administration has waived sanctions on a company building a controversial gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

The US also lifted sanctions on the executive – an ally of Russia’s Vladimir Putin – who leads the firm behind the Nord Stream 2 project.

Critics say the pipeline is a major geopolitical prize for the Kremlin.

Germany had been working around US sanctions in order to escape dependence on American oil:

Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, said she had not changed her mind on NS2, and noted that America remains happy to buy Russian oil. To circumvent American sanctions, the government of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, a sparsely populated state in north-east Germany where the pipeline makes landfall, has even established a foundation, mainly funded by Gazprom, to serve as an intermediary between NS2 and contracting companies—all in the name, risibly, of “climate protection”.

After Russia seized parts of Ukraine with a color revolution during the weak Obama years, the West was cagey about letting Putin back to the table, but Nordstream 2 would have done exactly that.

Under Biden, a compromise was made but the Germans started to smell a rat shortly thereafter:

The agreement reached between Washington and Berlin, which was announced Wednesday, aims to invest more than 200 million euros in energy security in Ukraine as well as sustainable energy across Europe.

“Should Russia attempt to use energy as a weapon or commit further aggressive acts against Ukraine, Germany will take action at the national level and press for effective measures at the European level, including sanctions to limit Russian export capabilities to Europe in the energy sector,” a senior State Department official said on a call with reporters on Wednesday.

The senior State Department official, who requested anonymity in order to discuss the agreement candidly, added the U.S. will also retain the prerogative of levying sanctions in case Russia uses energy as a tool of coercion.

Something made Germany stop and think: if we approve this, Russia owns us, because they can always raise prices of natural gas. Consequently the Germans refused to certify the pipeline:

The German energy market regulator said in a statement that it could not certify Nord Stream 2 as an independent operator because the company was based in Switzerland, not Germany.

The decision comes at a time of rising tension between the European Union and Russia over Ukraine and a migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border.

This was in November of last year, and started off the final stage of the cycle which led to war in Ukraine. For Putin, staging another color revolution and then coming in to take over was the original plan; he realized that he had to move things up a bit to avoid paying the Ukrainians to get oil and gas into Europe.

That way, he could control Europe, which was what had the Germans balking. With Trump gone, they no longer had to play contrarian-ironist to his hard realist position, and therefore could adopt it (in the same way, after the Soviet Union fell, American conservatives no longer had to play contrary to Communism and could fully accept the FDR-LBJ market socialist system).

Thus Biden backed into this one because he did not have a plan. The Biden presidency, from nose to tail, has always been about being “not-Trump.” Therefore whatever Trump did, Biden reversed it.

In fact, Biden became the anti-Trump so thoroughly that he reversed everything that worked for America. It is generally bad form to adopt the opposite of what your competition or enemy does simply because it is the opposite; it is better to reject them than constitute yourself as the inversion of them…

But no mind. Biden did not care because the voters did not care. Inflamed by five years of media panic, goodthinker Twitter and Reddit echo chambers, celebrity flouncing, and all of America’s supposed allies and ostensible enemies hating him, the voters got to the polls in large enough numbers to allow an election theft and vaulting the incompetent, incontinent, and incoherent Biden into the White House.

Everyone loves a strong figure like Trump because his critics no longer need to have ideas; they only need to criticize Trump. Cultures of critique become fiercely competitive for finding what is popular at the moment and exploiting it, but they are lost for the natural genius required for pathfinding, creativity, and productivity, so they eventually internally parasitize themselves into neurotic irrelevance. All of the mixed-race third world suffers from this.

Biden bungling Ukraine follows from the fact that Biden has no plan, only a Leftist desire to undo whatever Trump did and restore America to its Clinton-Obama trajectory. That was always their only plan.

As it turns out, you cannot step into the same river twice, so by trying to do this, they have become as defensive as the worst of the “conservatives” who just wanted 1950s America back without having to mention race and social class.

Almost no one today realizes that in the 1950s, the US and Europe were far more sorted by social class than they are today. Today people hide their social class and status signal by politics in order to hide how successful they are; back then, everyone wanted to be successful, and it made the nation strong by rewarding the best.

The good news of all of this is that Trump won, yet again, since Germany is now doing what Trump demanded they do, namely raise military spending above 2% of GDP:

Germany will boost military spending above 2% of GDP and create a strategic natural-gas reserve, Chancellor Olaf Scholz said Sunday, marking a significant shift in the country’s defense and energy policies in reaction to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

The measures, all of which had long been resisted by successive governments and will now be reflected in this year’s budget, underline how profoundly Russia’s attack on Ukraine is upending European politics after almost eight decades of nearly uninterrupted peace on the continent.

For decades, Germany had managed to reconcile rising welfare expenditure with budget surpluses by constraining investment in defense and other areas, leading to what several high-ranking officers recently called a hollowing out of its armed forces.

There you see it: Germany was able to pay for its social welfare state — the “benefits” we have in all market socialist systems, like social security, obamacare, welfare, free schooling, and so on in the States — only by sacrificing its military expenditures.

This occurs not because the military expenditures are big, but because social welfare spending is huge. For example, in the US, three-quarters or more of our budget goes to benefits.

Europe realized sometime in the 1990s that it was doomed by social benefits spending. The benefits already promised to the Boomer generation were not going to be payable, even with super-high taxes, by the smaller Generation X and Millennial contingent.

Therefore, Europe needed to come up with a mega-ton of money really fast, since those benefits once created cannot be taken away by any politician that wants to stay in office. Voters view it as stealing from them, when really, they are stealing from everyone richer than them.

To fix this, they imported tons of “refugees” to work low income jobs and in theory be taxed so that the higher population could pay off the Boomer benefits, but this failed because the refugees rarely worked and if they did, were usually in low-productivity, low-pay, and hence, low-tax roles.

No one has found a politically viable way to exit the Socialist Death Spiral brought on by all those expensive benefits until now. A war provides an opportunity to reset the system and at least slow the rush toward free stuff from government that kills the economy.

Churchill and Roosevelt seemed to know this when, with their countries teetering over the financial abyss brought about by income taxes and benefits, they embarked on WW2. The voters loved it because “we” won, and the benefits could keep flowing.

We see this pattern again and again in human systems. Humans seek safety, peace, uniformity, and equality… leading to fungibility, at which point no action matters and nothing is rewarding, so mediocrity and criminality rule.

Biden backed into this mess. Weak leaders make world wars, but only years later, when the house of cards created finally falls down. By refusing to give Russia clear guidance, Biden ensured that this invasion would occur.

Right now, the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) opposes Russian actions, but this is for their own reasons, just as Putin is not invading to spite them. Most likely, the Clintons want Nordstream 2 so China/Russia can own Europe.

Eventually we will see world war. We know this because every government in the West has made itself bankrupt with the same expense, the social benefits. Governments in that situation fight their way out to mobilize their citizens.

Russia and China, whose economic systems seem based on fake statistics and puffed-up promises, felt the crisis first, and therefore they are making a first strike against the West in an attempt to seize the world before they collapse.

Not surprisingly, Russia has started to warn NATO not to step into Ukraine:

Putin, in giving the nuclear alert directive, cited not only the alleged statements by NATO members but the hard-hitting financial sanctions imposed by the West against Russia, including the Russian leader himself.

NATO has no intention of bailing out Ukraine, which was lost the minute Obama cucked on Crimea. Instead, it intends to crush the Soviets with the economic power of the West which is partially maintained by Chinese manufacturing.

However, in the end, this means that all roads lead to China for the West, and we know China has no compunctions about sacrificing its Russian allies for its goal of world domination.

The Right can rise by opposing China. Go to the root. In my view, many of us are waiting to conclude the 2020 election drama by finding proof that Leftists have been taking money from China to hand power to Xi.

For those of us in the middle, it is best to remember that there is a real risk in supporting something simply because it is disliked by the people you dislike. They know this, and can use it to troll you into being a Useful Idiot.

Clinton has been saying for years that there is an alliance between the Right and Putin. Now that Clinton has started wailing about Ukraine, Right-wingers are defending Putin, making Clinton look accurate and prescient.

Doing that is an even bigger bungle than stumbling Joe Biden backing the world into war over Ukraine.

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