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#BanIslam Is Not The Message Our People Need To Hear

Currently the hashtag #BanIslam is trending on social media. This is the wrong message, but it requires looking a few levels deeper than merely reacting, and having a strong emotional response makes the monkey within happy, so it is what most people will do.

Islam is the tip of a pyramid of problems. At the top are crimes committed by people of Other origin, below that their low employment, beneath that their biological differences in intelligence and inclination, and below that the difficulties of assimilation. At the bottom — the foundation — is that immigration imports the Other and genetically erases us through admixture.

Do you like what you are? In the future, that will not exist; it will be replaced by a hybrid like those who occupy most societies on earth. This is the “beige future” that the Left adores, because it destroys culture and groups who resist total assimilation by the Leftist ideology.

When you carp about with the idea of banning Islam, this suggests that the entire pyramid of diversity problems boils down to removing one group. It is like the people who talk too much about the “evils” of Jews or African-Americans. The real problem is diversity, and until we end diversity, we will be a population headed for self-destruction.

Yes, today people are fired up about Islam because of the latest round of sadistic terrorist attacks. If we ban Islam, all of those people will nod their heads vigorously and go right back to sleep, missing the bigger issue that diversity is racist genocide against our people, and that our civilization is in decline and we get nowhere if we do not fix that.

You may not that the powers that be are not irked by the idea of banning Islam. If you ban the Muslims, the powers that be will find new people to import from somewhere else, probably East Asia or Indochina. They will then replace you with those, creating a beige master race which will be innately Left-leaning.

The goal is to destroy our people so that a permanent Leftist regime may exist. When they have control of the world, and all races are destroyed, there will be no option except Leftism, forever and ever. Every society will regress to a third world state, but somehow those who become Leftists will always have comfortable, even opulent, lives.

Whenever there is a problem, most people go looking for scapegoats and short-term “solutions” that miss the hard work of fixing the problem. It is the nature of mental mathematics: we seek the easiest solution to address our individual problem, which is that we feel bad about the bigger problem. And like panicked sheep, we run from a snake in the field into a pen manned by wolves.

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