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As Leftist Anti-Majority Thought Rises, Other Groups Join the Resistance to It

The Left operates through a underdog-versus-oppressor mentality: in their view, the individual should never lose or be told they cannot do something, so any form of social order is anathema.

This comes from the idea of the Left itself, which is that reality is oppressive to the individual because, in the great Darwinian dice-roll of interacting with external reality, they can lose. They can be excluded. They can be forced to take lower social status. This makes them angry because with humans, the dumber they get, the greater they think they are.

All societies perish from caste warfare, and this always comes from the Dunning-Kruger cases in the lower castes, who just do not understand why they could not be kings. They overthrow the kings, screw it all up, and then rationalize the decline as “progress,” essentially ruining good things and replacing them with third-world equivalents.

It is basically a prolonged tantrum by those who fear the power and responsibility — these are always paired, unless you are a sociopath — of adulthood. As one source wrote, unlike people like me who are stuck in perpetual adolescence, Leftists are stuck in perpetual childhood:

This is what children do: play make believe games, like GI Joe, or cops and robbers.

The Left has tried to portray Donald Trump as the second coming of Adolf Hitler.

Children create bogeymen whom they can be afraid of.

The more you think about it, the clearer it becomes that many on the Left simply got stuck in infantile mode.

He ruins it by suggesting they grow up. That’s sort of like saying, “they should think for themselves,” when we all know that they cannot because they lack the biological circuits to come up with sane answers. Them thinking for themselves is like putting a distortion box on reality. In the same way, them growing up will only ruin growing up.

Leftism is the social stance taken by people for whom life did not work out well. They can either believe that they have failed as individuals, and then pick up their toys and try again, which takes some guts, or they can just blame life itself, which is easier. This creates the underdog-oppressor narrative; in their view, the primal archetype is that life oppresses them.

Unfortunately, this makes them paranoid, because if your narrative is that you are oppressed, you must always find an oppressor. This usually leads to scapegoating, and produces a society obsessed with ideological purity in that it hopes to weed out the bad and leave only the good, instead of making everyone head toward the same purpose in unequal roles as are common to all human ventures.

This quest for purity — confused with Puritanism by those who do not understand the philosophical implications of The Enlightenment™ — leads to a tendency to punish non-conformists instead of admitting that the potential for evil dwells within each of us, which ruins the underdog-oppressor narrative. From that comes very silly things:

In its 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment, the FBI referred to Juggalos – fans of Insane Clown Posse who often wear black and white clown-type face paint to demonstrate their allegiance and are named after the song The Juggla – as a “loosely-organized hybrid gang”.

…The ACLU and Insane Clown Posse have an appeal pending before the US court of appeals for the sixth circuit. In the meantime, 3,000 Juggalos will march down the National Mall on Saturday 16 September before attending a concert in Virginia that evening.

…The ACLU and Insane Clown Posse say that designation has had negative consequences for Juggalos and other fans of the band. At the culmination of the September march, a number of Juggalos will share personal testimonies of how they have been profiled by police or otherwise suffered because of their allegiance.

In this, Juggalos are discovering what those on the Right have long known: if you are not going along with the herd agenda of Leftism, you become a target, and they will take you out.

Juggalo crime is overstated, but Juggalo identity is a threat to the mainstream, which wants your identity to be a patriotic fusion of socialism, capitalism and pluralism. Any higher ideals than that, or culture and religion, is taboo because it threatens the control of the leadership elites and the clueless hive mind of voters who support them.

The point here is that you do not need to do anything wrong to be persecuted by the Left. If you fail to agree with them, you will be smashed down.

Leftism reacts with fear, like a small child, to that which is different, which in this case means not Leftist. They then retaliate and try to destroy any group that breaks away from the Leftist clique. Misery loves company, and if we all go down together, it is no one’s fault.

This even extends to groups who formerly received protection from Leftists, back when Leftists could use them as a wedge to divide others:

The Israeli ambassador to Hungary invoked WW2 during which Britain led the European resistance against Nazi Germany to save the lives of millions of Jews.

He said the criticism of Soros “evokes sad memories but also sows hatred and fear”.

But just hours after the release of the ambassador’s statement a “clarification” was issued by the Israeli foreign ministry reading:

“In no way was the statement (by the ambassador) meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel’s democratically elected governments.”

Shove aside that boilerplate about “democratically elected governments.” The fact is that Soros, a Jew, is acting against Jewish interests because he is acting to subvert Israel.

Why would ((( Soros ))) do this, if he was part of an international Jewish conspiracy? More likely, it is as Ben Shapiro has said: you cannot be both a good Leftist and a good Jew, so Jewish Leftists are more Leftist than Jewish.

The herd will never forgive those who betray it by failing to support it. That circular reasoning is part of the Leftist begging-the-question fallacy approach to political logic.

For the Left, there must always be an underdog, and for that victim to be blameless, there must be an oppressor to blame. This scapegoating allows them to continue to indulge their nonsensical view of reality despite the gnawing doubt eating them away from within.

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