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As Bernie Fades, Reddit Adds Support For Mental Health Problems

Your favorite internet dumpster fire of SJWs, people on mental health disability, baristas, entry-level tech support, angry minorities, and chronic masturbators Reddit found that after it became clear that crypto-Communist Bernie Sanders was not going to win the Democratic nomination, it needed to offer mental health care for its mentally afflicted users:

People on Reddit find help in support communities that address a broad range of challenges from quitting smoking or drinking, struggling to get pregnant, or addressing abuse, anxiety, depression, or thoughts of suicide. Even communities that don’t directly relate to serious topics can get deep into serious issues, and the person you turn to in a time of need may be someone you bonded with over a game, a shared sense of humor, or the same taste in music.

When you see a post or comment about suicidal feelings in a community, it can be overwhelming. Especially if you’re a moderator in that community, and feel a sense of responsibility for both the people in your community and making sure it’s the type of place you want it to be.

Crisis Text Line is a free, confidential, text-based support line for people in the U.S. who may be struggling with any type of mental health crisis. Their Crisis Counselors are trained to put people at ease and help them make a plan to stay safe.

Now you can report any post for having contents that indicate that the user is indicating mental health distress or self-harm, and they will be connected with online mental health crisis counselors who are legally obligated to avoid telling them that their lives suck and they probably should off themselves, after all.

As social media ages, it becomes clear that the same irritating geeks on a power trip who used to be notorious as “internet forum moderators” are now company owners and admins, and they have attracted to them a huge group of losers with nothing better to do.

These losers know that their lives will never be together, so they live for symbols like the Glorious Communist Revolution which someday will make everything better, even though we all know that nothing makes everything better.

Apparently many more of them than normal are flaking out and killing themselves, so Reddit and other social media companies will be installing dysgenic neurosis counselors to try to keep the body count low. Good luck with that, internet asylum wardens.

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