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Sometimes people ask why we cannot have nice things. I point to Windows 10, Human Rights Watch, the liberated Methodist church, the HOA in our last neighborhood, or the AFL-CIO. We are ruled by incompetents because people are ruled by fear.

Rule by fear takes a single form: remove the claws from the lion. People generally cannot assess risk, so they are unaware of the ways that they may die by the hands of others — automobile accident, medical mistake, dietary disease — and hyper focused on the thought that someone else might win and be standing over them to deliver the coup de grâce.

For this reason, humans in groups always seek to remove those in authority and to ban any means by which someone could rise above the rest, effectively using civilization as a pre-emptive strike against anyone more competent than they are. Hobble the strong, intelligent, healthy, wise, good, and sane, and you are free to be as weak, stupid, sloppy, vapid, morally convenient, and mentally unstable as you want.

Democracy just takes this to an extreme, and Late Stage Democracy (YOU ARE HERE) turns this into a point where only gesture, symbol, token, talisman, feelings, and appearance matter, since no one is competent and nothing works anymore.

At some point in life, the average person gets a glimpse of this and immediately thereafter learns a lot about themselves. For me, it was coming in to work early to see my manager had left out his books on management; I read them, and quickly recognized that he was following procedures based on the scenarios in these textbooks.

For him, management was a career goal, and competence was secondary, which was fortunate because if he just went by the book, his immediate superiors would be pleased because they could predict and control him, therefore their careers were safe.

Managing society by procedure is a way of regulating method, sometimes called “means,” in order to in turn control goals, sometimes called “ends.” If you hobble everyone, remove the claws of the lions, and leave them only with rote procedure, they are all good little dummies for you to command.

That is the essence of the “Mandarin Method,” and it appeals to 99.9% of humanity who will apply it like insane malfunctioning robots, meaning that even as it fails they will double down and ram it harder upon the rest of us. They want to be the tyrant-CEO managing millions of obedient, conformist, scared and weak little dummies. Mandarins love morons.

At this point, we can admit that the core of our civilization has become that old slogan for the children’s toy He-Man: “I have the power!” No one has any real power, since society is ruled by whims and trends, including mass panics, so when you get your fifteen minutes to be a Mandarin, you oppress those dummies good and laugh at them.

If you get a chance to steal anything — a job title, an HOA bank account, their time, a Verizon activation fee, or a presidency — you go ahead and do it because tomorrow you may not get the chance. To these Dunning-Kruger proles, the only crime is not seizing what you could, since there is no point having loyalty to anything, and only suckers and fools die for principle.

Such things come about by the nature of democracy, which is the political arm of the philosophy of egalitarianism. This theory is a form of utilitarianism, which says that if most people think things are OK, then they are the best possible option; this means that we create a myth that once upon a time all humans were equal and shared equally, but the meanie rich people came in and mucked things up, so now we must crusade for “progress” toward a Utopia where everyone is equal and shares equally again. To most people, this “sounds like” a good idea, so it is decided and off we go!

Democracy has a magic trick: it makes people go insane. Once you are equal, you quickly realize that equality means you have been reduced to zero. You have no place where you belong and no one else can be; you are simply another economic or political unit, waiting to be used by some Mandarin… unless you become a Mandarin yourself. The morality of democracy is to use people before they use you, and it makes people both parts apathetic and cynical.

America fell apart after 9/11 not because Islam attacked us (spectacularly, with great success, and bravely) but because we realized we had nothing in common. Most people in ‘murka shrugged and said, “Well… I didn’t know anyone in the towers” and went about their day. Let idealistic megalomaniacs like Pat Tillman — who made his career by being a standout who always did the right thing, therefore was always esteemed more than others, until his own mythos consumed him Jim Morrison style and he became a walking caricature fragged by his own diverse troops — go off and die in the wars for a piece of cloth and a ragged old document. Smart people go where the money is. Intelligent people take everything they can, because everyone else will just take it from them.

If Late Stage Democracy had a debut moment, it was 9/12. Half of America thought that it was fine and fair that America finally got served a dose of its own medicine, hummph! Like most Leftists, they hate the majority in their society because it has a culture, and therefore place, when they are placeless. They hate strength, goodness, and sanity because these stand in the way of their pet plan to create equality and then to rule as Mandarins. Leftists are like your local HOA board or parking lot attendant, which is to say that whatever power they have, they wield. They are the original mask Karens.

Democracy drives us all insane because it is based on appeasement. When people are equal, you have to at least humor the insane because they are equal too (you can see the failure of equality right there). Where ancient societies embraced “good to the good, and bad to the bad” — the rule of natural selection — and aspired to hierarchy as part of natural order, or emulating the patterns of the kingdom of nature and the gods in our behavior, modern societies come after the Enlightenment™ and are based in the idea of each individual having equal reason and therefore the ability to decide his fate.

As the ancient Hindus warned us, caste-mixing is the root of all evil, and with the rising middle class we saw proles with one aristocratic ancestor, making semi-intelligent people who were bright enough to run shops, make machines, program computers, generate profits, and flatter herds, but lacked the fundamental attribute of high intelligence, which is the ability to bring together in a complex system seemingly oppositional principles. An aristocrat can understand that proles are both opportunistic criminals and necessary parts of society, much as the large intestine and brain are both essential organs, without coming up with one big simple rule to run everything.

In Leftism, society found its One Big Simple rule: equality as both goal and method, cause and effect, means and ends. That meant that no matter what you did, you worked toward equality instead of figuring out what you needed to be doing in that specific situation or for the direction of your civilization. It replaced thinking with procedure. It replaced ends with means. It gave the proles what they thought they needed to rule in place of the aristocrats, driven by the strength and money of the middle classes.

The middle classes in every society aspire to the same thing, which is bourgeois existence or the ability to focus solely on career, profits, store, social prominence, and leading a comfortable life, without the burdensome addiction to maintaining civilization that afflicts aristocrats. The middle classes are the classic example of the kid who is bright enough to succeed at the assignments in school, but because he never picks up the underlying learning, becomes a disaster once he actually has power. If the Mask Karens have a champion, it is the middle class mentality, which says that you should wear the mask so that you do not scare away potential customers or alienate business contacts. The middle classes are morons with abilities, but they remain morons because their analytical judgment skills are both short-term and low-quality.

In democracy, we appease others like we appease our managers, by accepting their insanity as valid and reasonable. We appease society as a whole by externalizing our thinking, so that we do what the group finds appealing and avoid what it fears. We appease human fear by removing the claws from the lion, even if we have only two options: either we let the lion claw the prey and therefore, the most competent rise, or we remove the claws from the lion and then are ruled by the prey, who are by definition incompetent.

Our whole lives we appease. We appease public opinion by accepting the latest panic or trend as real, even though we know it is a distraction for people panicked by their subconscious knowledge that they are terrible leaders. We put up with the laws, red tape, and constant instability of a government based on the pretense of equality and supported for that reason despite being equal parts inept and criminal. We appease the need of sociopaths and drama queens to be “important” and “relevant” by inventing YouTube attention-getters, advertising campaigns, awful music and movies, navel-gazing novels, and lobotomized procedures at work.

To have nice things, we cannot appease the majority of humanity, since they are always wrong in what they want and have no idea how reality works. If we listen to them, we end up with the same old thing that destroys every human society, egalitarianism. When you have equality in place, you have replaced reality and quality with acceptance, and results turn out worse.

As has been observed in the past, it does not matter whether the lion has claws, but whether it is competent. You can be ruled by vicious people so long as they achieve good results for the nation; you cannot be ruled by incompetents, since they ruin everything. If you get a tyrant, this is merely a semi-competent, effective enough to stay in power but clueless as to how to use that rule for something that benefits everyone. Actually competent people realize that the only way to succeed as a leader is to make your nation succeed; incompetents tend to try to control the nation so that their power remains intact.

Our leaders resemble our managers. Most managers are incompetent or semi-competent because the vast majority get ahead by being inoffensive and doing whatever everyone else is doing. This keeps their immediate superiors happy because they have people under them that they can control, who are predictable, and unlikely to make a bid for power. They keep their positions because they reliably follow procedure, not because they can think; that power heads upward, and requires micromanagement. This is how control systems work.

With The Enlightenment,™ we removed the need for people to fit into a natural order. Consequently, people became individualists who act only in their own self-interest, which replaced culture and hierarchy. Into that void came commerce and government. This creates the basis of consumerism, which awaited Keynesianism — paying citizens to spend money to keep the fiat currency “in demand” — to achieve its final form. That in turn caused a population collapse, so the elites imported the third world as tax livestock to pay for the benefits already promised to the Baby Boomers. Now we see that we live in a cultureless dystopia that is basically a giant motel, where you can do just about anything you can afford to pay for, but the rates are high because the overhead is huge, and at the end of the day you pretty much end up in your room watching television.

That in turn created a vast mass of people, directionless and voracious, who are possessed simply of an urge to destroy because they view it as raising up their own power level. They want to smash down heritage, culture, the family, faith, knowledge, wisdom, objective reality, and anything except themselves and the group that supports them in their quest. If you fail to appease them, they will attack. This only works when a few refuse to appease and announce that. If all of us stop humoring them, they will collapse from their own inertia, and we can have nice things again.

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