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Vlad Putin mentioned the possibility of the use of nuclear weapons and the world went mad. Hint to moron American media: this is what Vlad wanted; his people want the might and terror of the Soviet Union back, and having the whole world soil its Depends® at the mere Russian mention of such weapons delights them.

Immediately the entertainment machine kicks into full gear. It does jingoism and fear porn as well as it does self-righteous French Revolution rhetoric, and so it delights in the thought of the apocalypse. Soon images of nuclear war will be spinning across your screens.

The normies love the idea of the apocalypse because it is a single event, instead of slow steady decline, and therefore it is not their fault and there is nothing we can do about it. They will emote, self-express, do interpretive dances, and then go right back to hand-to-mouth living.

The real apocalypse is that every human civilization known to date has committed suicide through equality. This is slow decay and produces narcissistic, entitled people who are so self-centered that they sacrifice their futures, their children, and their culture just to feel a few moments of warm fuzzy glow in their personalities.

Your apocalypse here in the USA is that you are slowly turning into Mexico, Vietnam, and Iraq. Like the Romans experienced, the people you conquered have come to live with you, and they will outbreed you and replace you. Simultaneously your lower echelons will rise up against you and destroy all competence.

This does not just cause economic failure, political failure, and social failure; it erases you. Your group ceases to exist. Your culture mutates into a hybrid with others and then just vanishes at some point. Your society becomes yet another third world wasteland of grey race miscegenates like most of the human societies on Earth.

Putin throws out nuclear war because he knows it will fascinate the proles and normies, who will then overlook the real elephant in the room, which is civilization decline by democracy, individualism, and equality, including diversity and socialism. All societies die by some variant of this mixture.

The West rose under the aristocrats, but has consumed itself under democracy. Until we reject the Big Lie of equality, we will keep going down this path to utter failure and irrelevance.

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