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For many years, we have needed an opposite to “Antifa,” the “anti-fascist” group that specializes in promoting Communism by beating up anyone who refuses to support the great averaging and standardization of everything. They claim to be against fascism, and probably are, but the second part of the sentence is “so Communism can take its place.”

It is time for an opposite number, “Anticom,” which can be anti-Communist without being pro-religion, pro-fascist, or in favor of National Socialism, conservatism, or really any other political philosophy. Our core concept is simply that Communism, socialism, and other egalitarian societies are unrealistic and therefore dysfunctional.

Anticom has a few precepts:

  • Equality does not exist in nature because it would be paralytic. Natural selection depends on conflict and striving, not subsidies for incompetence.
  • Insanity occurs among humans on a regular basis and manifests in unrealistic behavior, therefore unrealistic behavior is a survival threat to humanity.
  • Socialism demands worker ownership of the means of production, which translates to workers as shareholders through government subsidies.
  • Communism recognizes that totalitarianism is necessary to enforce socialism, because otherwise people do little.
  • Despite good intentions, Communism killed upwards of a hundred million people in the last century, leaving poverty, genetically unhealthy people, and pollution in its wake.
  • Survival requires we reject unrealistic pathologies like insanity and the quest for equality, which is a Utopian fiction used to manipulate us.
  • Removal of Communists, socialists, egalitarians, and other insane people is necessary for the thriving of the human species.

Human history shows that mobs are short-sighted and primed for vengeful behavior that emphasizes theft in the short-term — like, say, redistributing wealth through government subsidies — and destroys the group in the long term.

This is the primal error humans make both in their own heads and in groups, which is to deny reality because it offends them, and to assert a human order that is unrealistic in its place.

Anticommunist activism starts by embracing reality and adapting to it, as Darwin prescribes, and this entails at some point removing threats like the insane and Communists.

Egalitarian systems deplete our competence by rewarding incompetence as much as competence, which means that the numbers of the incompetent surge and the competent die out.

Sanity, intelligence, and adaptation to nature have brought us from hominid beginnings to functional civilization; Communism undoes this and leaves behind equal poverty and stupidity.

If we want to survive, we must more than passively oppose Communism. We must throw them into woodchippers, through plastic shredders, in gas chambers, out of helicopters, into drowning pools, and out of our world.

Anyone who kills a Communist is therefore saving humanity from itself.

Communism by its nature is both the natural evolution of egalitarianism and determined to kill off those who are not Communist. They want us dead and will kill us if given the chance. Communism is death to non-Communists.

Kill Communists. Purge the disease by purging the insane people who support it. All who kill Communists are giving humanity a chance at surviving Communism, which otherwise will kill us all.

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