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Another Abused Teacher

Just like Richard Mullens, we have another genius who objects to attempts to stop him from preaching chaos into the minds of youth — and someone who wouldn’t hesitate to execute the rest of us for preaching “dangerous ideas” that conflict with his own:

According to the Globe and Mail, Rancourt’s sin was to have informed his students on the first day of class that “he had already decided their marks : Everybody was getting an A+.”

Grading, he says, “is a tool of coercion in order to make obedient people” (, Jan. 12, 2009).

Rancourt first practiced squatting when he decided that he “had to do something more than give a ‘better’ physics course.” Accordingly, he took the Physics and Environment course that had been assigned to him and transformed it into a course on political activism, not a course about political activism, but a course in which political activism is urged — “an activism course about confronting authority and hierarchical structures directly or through defiant or non-subordinate assertion in order to democratize power in the workplace, at school, and in society.”


He claims he was fired because of discrimination, because he’s an anarchist.

He’s an anarchist who also did not fulfill his contract.

Yes, we may not like the system, but we all know what happens when we don’t do the job.

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