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It is tempting to bemoan our time, but recently, our prospects for the future have improved. With the debunking of liberal democracy as the US and EU collapse in a flurry of convergent failures, people are seeing that Systems — networks of rules — are inferior to culture and organic civilization.

Those two things, culture and organic civilization, have been banned by the Left through the use of diversity. By insisting that society be mixed-ethnic, they prevent it from ever having a single origin and single people, which it needs to have social standards and cultural values.

We might view the Left as a social contract: it offers guaranteed inclusion in society, or “equality,” in exchange for political support of the Left. This creates a mass within society that consumes it, but because it is unstable, it tends toward direct authoritarian rule instead of decentralized rule by principle as occurs with social standards and cultural values.

The problem with this is that it works against itself. As social acceptance approaches 100%, people have no need for Leftism anymore. Leftists then tend toward authoritarianism, especially acts which are symbolic only.

For example, diversity is a symbolic-only act. Leftists import the third world, then carefully live apart from them. The point is to smash down symbols of majority culture, because that has a values standard and so some people can be “wrong” and not included by those rules.

When Leftism becomes irrelevant, the social contract evaporates, which is why Leftists must constantly invent new crusades to “unify their base.” Luckily this is easy as much of the appeal of the Left is that it justifies revenge on those more naturally gifted or successful. When the base is given a new target, like gay marriage, they sense the ability to smash down the sane and make insanity standard, which delights them.

The problem with this, as with all work in search of a purpose, is that it gradually becomes disorganized and paradoxical. The more people we make equal, the less they are to agree with one another, and more likely to fragment into nearly infinite special interest groups, at which point those will be at war with one another.

In addition to the failures of their leadership, which are many because ideology is inherently reality-denying, Leftist societies fail because they cannot achieve voluntarily cooperation. As soon as people have guaranteed acceptance, they start pulling away from ideology, and even whipping them up into a Two Minutes Hate with the ideological outrage of the day is less effective, lasting for shorter periods of time.

Leftist society in the US and EU resembles the Soviet Union for exactly this reason: as soon as it took over, Leftism became The Establishment and the same bratty human behavior that Leftism took advantage of to get into power began to work against it. This requires them to switch to “negative authority,” or punishment, to keep people in line.

Your average Leftist does not care a fig for transgender rights or gay marriage. They want these things because they are absurd and offensive and therefore can become shibboleths, or quick tests for who is a good obedient Leftist cog and who is not, with the latter group seen as The Enemy even when — especially when — they do not identify as such. This is the bullying mentality behind Leftism.

The combination of this bullying, the predictable failure of unrealistic Leftist policies, and the growing uneasy sensation that our society was heading down a path to doom from which there could be no recovery, together motivated a backlash that we see with the election of Donald J. Trump, Brexit and other anti-Government actions.

These are more than a rejection of the last eight years, or even the last seventy, but more importantly, reject the entire concept of the System as good and Modernity as a variety of Utopia. We have seen what is on the end of the fork, and we now realize that all modern paths lead to authoritarianism, entropy and breakdown to a third-world status.

As pragmatic people, we realize that when a certain action is failing, the best thing to do is to stop doing it — or at least do less of it. This is why the narrative we see now is more anti-government than anything else. We want fewer taxes, welfare, healthcare, immigration, political correctness, censorship and other government programs. We want more normal life without its intervention.

For the functional among us, very little is needed from government. We like roads, military and police, and beyond that, want very little. But this conflicts with a segment of our population that probably would have been eliminated by natural selection who are a biologically-determined drain on civilization:

After 35 years, the researchers found one fifth of the group was responsible for 81 per cent of the criminal convictions; three quarters of drug prescriptions; two thirds of welfare benefit payments and more than half of nights in hospital.

…“About 20 per cent of population is using the lion’s share of a wide array of public services,” said Prof Terrie Moffitt, of King’s College and Duke University in North Carolina. “The same people use most of the NHS, the criminal courts, insurance claims, for disabling injury, pharmaceutical prescriptions and special welfare benefits.

…“But we also went further back into their childhood and found that 20 per cent begin their lives with mild problems with brain function and brain health when they were very small children.

In other words, civilization has been hijacked by its least competent because its most competent are afraid of appearing non-compassionate.

Symbolically, these elections are about more than politics. They are a cultural shift against the religion of compassion, and in favor of the lifestyle of realism and common sense, applied knowledge.

This places the West at a juncture where it has never been before, and possibly at a chasm that no society has ever managed to cross: it is rejecting our monkey-instinct fear of social disapproval and instead, suggesting that self-discipline and logical prevail over the impulses we otherwise follow.

If we reject our fear, we can stop making our policy around those who need to be moved on, and instead focus on what makes us healthy, sane and experiencing existential pleasure in life.

The team began the project to test the ‘Pareto principle’ – also known as the ‘80-20 rule’ – which states that in the majority of systems, around 80 per cent of the effects come from about 20 per cent of the causes.

This principle has been found to work computer science, biology, physics, economics and many other fields.

The new research found that the law is also true for societal burden. As well as increased criminality and NHS use, the most-costly participants of the study also carried 40 per cent of the obese weight and filed 36 per cent of personal-injury insurance claims.

All of nature fits this pattern. There is a corresponding 20% who do most of the good, and by definition, 60% in the middle. Societies that succeed are those which push the good 20% to the top, chop off the bad 20%, and reward the 60% only when they act more like the good 20%.

Government and Systems move in the opposite direction, which is to design around a lowest common denominator so that they do not leave the bad 20% behind, thus avoiding the appearance of being bad and keeping the fear of the sheep from being inflamed. That way of living does not work.

Since the West went egalitarian, or believing that Good = Bad so that it could accept the bad 20%, it has steadily devolved into incompetence, corruption, stupidity and mass slavery to boring tasks that are designed to accommodate the lowest achievers. We have made life existentially miserable, and as a result, our people are self-destructing.

These elections are the first step, a symbolic gesture, in the reversal of this path toward the bad and, in order to avoid it, setting a path for the good instead.

Many civilizations have faced this fork in the road, and apparently they all chose wrong, because history is a graveyard of failed empires.

We have the possibility of fixing a thousand years of decay and to move past it, just by pushing forward toward a non-Government, non-System based society anchored in realism and moral attention, which requires denial of individualism. All of these things are present in nascent form in the existing cultural change.

Right now, we have a chance to do what no others have done, and by so doing, end the crisis of leadership that has afflicted humanity and allowed it to overpopulate, pollute and vandalize a planet with useless activity.

We may rise above all who have come before us, starting with these little baby steps.

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