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Alt-Right Suffers Growing Pains, Not Defeat

As usual, the toxic neurotics of the world attempt to tear down anything more ambitious than their own self-obsession and lack of imagination, in this case by attacking the Alt Right:

Two days of tension surrounding white supremacist Richard Spencer’s visit to Michigan erupted in violence ahead of his speech at Michigan State University Monday, marking another blow to the alt-right movement as it continues to struggle to come out of the shadows.

The alt-right movement has so far lived mostly in the shadows of the internet, and efforts to go public have gone awry. Prior to the clashes at MSU, anti-fascist protesters all but shut Spencer down as he spoke at the University of Florida in October, heckling him to the point that he was unable to successfully give the talk. In August, the infamous tiki-torch rally hosted by Spencer in Charlottesville, Virginia, was met with massive protests. The weekend ended when a 20-year-old who appeared aligned with a white supremacist group rammed a car into a crowd of demonstrators, killing one of them.

As usual, the press leads with narrative and then supports it with tangential facts, relying on its fanatical audience to make the leap of logic.

Its conclusions do not fit the whole of the data, however. The Alt Right is struggling to define itself because it is hung up on The Ideology Question, which is normal for people trying to awaken from a Leftist era.

However, these are growing pains, not defeats. Here is the message received by normal Americans: the Alt Right staged another event where its enemies revealed themselves to be totalitarian Leftists akin to Soviets or Maoists.

That in turn emphasizes one of the most important messages of the Alt Right, which is that in the modern West we are living in a dying system that has gone off the rails in the same way the Soviets did, by chasing an ideology of equality that requires increasing force to apply.

Leftists are even bragging about their censorship:

Only about four dozen people, including members of the media, made it to see Spencer at MSU’s Pavilion for Agriculture and Livestock.

“We were pretty effective at putting people in front of the people trying to enter … and denying them,” said Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America member Dan Michniewicz.

Paragraphs are excerpted and non-contiguous. As a side note: what kind of Western European name is “Michniewicz”? Antifa tends to rope together ethnic diversity, racial diversity, and the vast horde of 56% types into a single lynch mob.

Events such as this Alt Right protest show the Left reversing from anti-Establishment and becoming the Establishment which has the Soviet-style dimensions above. People are starting to see that any “system,” over time, acts for itself alone and turns people into its agents. Bureaucracy will doom us as a species.

That reversal however has sapped the popular support that Leftism had. It really gained its feet in the industrial revolution when Dickensian soot-smeared cities rose to devour the wild land. People hated that, so they joined an opposition movement.

Many of them learned of their error through events such as the French Revolution, in which a population complaining of starvation killed off most of its intelligent people, then made itself even more starving before embarking on a test run for the world wars, trying to conquer Europe for democracy at a time when democracy was working badly for France!

Not enough have, however, and humans are forever deceived by easy answers that scapegoat the powerful for the bad decisions and lack of self-discipline of the many. When you get together a group, the last thing it will do is blame itself for what it is actually guilty of; it prefers non-issues like white guilt and buying Priuses.

The Alt Right challenges this herd instinct in humans by promoting what might be called the first anti-evil movement in politics. Humans tend toward illusion, and illusion is evil, so we need a movement that affirms reality whether it is pleasant to our ears or not.

It walks a narrow path between two extremes. Denial of reality is death, but so is denial of the transcendent, or the sense that life is fundamentally good despite its scary parts which motivates us to strive to be good and for greatness.

Right now, the Alt Right is winning new people every day by being the new anti-Establishment since it focuses on those transcendental goals rather than which plank of the system that it wants to support. This wins over people who perceive accurately that all of our leaders act in self-interest, and government acts like a self-interested corporation, much as it did in the Soviet Union.

The question of where to go from there may dog the Alt Right, but this is not a bad thing. It is better to think over a challenge for a long time instead of dashing in with preconceptions and them becoming launched inextricably on that path.

We are seeing some arcs of history end. The ideology arc specified that masses could be mobilized with ideas that sounded good to them, and that this would be better than having a social and political hierarchy based on placing our most competent people in power and having them curate wealth rather than seek it.

Along with the ideology arc are dying the concepts of equality, democracy, pluralism, tolerance, freedom, libertarianism, and pacifism. All of those are related to the single idea that humans can organize in bottom-up systems where each person acting in self-interest results in something good.

They are being replaced by the notion of social hierarchy, political systems based on lifetime leadership, the notion of common culture and customs being more important than variety, duties paired to privileges, capitalism restrained by culture, and a masculine, virile, assertive, and aggressive mentality that sees finding solid answers as more important than regulating our methods so that we are harmless and socially acceptable.

Right now, the challenge to the Alt Right is to avoid being assimilated by simpler political movements. So far it has intelligently avoided adopting an ideology, which is a political philosophy based on human desires instead of what simply works.

If the Alt Right adopts an ideology such as National Socialism, or any of the variety of silly “isms” that populate our political landscape, it runs the risk of becoming an Establishment itself should it succeed. An Establishment serves a system and its ideology, not the civilization to which it is attached.

So far, it has succeeded by uniting the realistic and the transcendental into a general feeling that we need to restore Western Civilization and reject all of the sticky, icky, and neurotic ideas which flow from that 16th century concept of equality that has ruled the West for centuries, to its disadvantage, we might add.

The Alt Right has come out of the shadows. It continues to win by confronting the Left and, like all good trolls, revealing the contradiction at the heart of their thinking, as displayed in their behavior. It makes the “normal” Left look as Soviet as they are and moribund society appear as moribund and miserable as it is.

Through this method, the Alt Right continues to win even when it seems that the Establishment has the last laugh.

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