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Alex Wubbels, Victim of Diversity

You hear a lot about that evil cop who arrested Alex Wubbels for not providing a blood sample from a car crash victim. But the story goes deeper, as we see that this is a case of white people defending themselves against minority lawsuits:

In a written report, Payne said he was responding to a request from Logan police to get the blood sample, to determine whether the patient had illicit substances in his system at the time of the crash.

…Payne — who says he wanted the blood sample to protect the patient, not punish him — said he was advised by Lt. James Tracy, the watch commander on duty that night, to arrest Wubbels for interfering with a police investigation if she refused to let him get the sample, according to his report.

…At about 2 p.m. on July 26, Gray was driving a semi north on State Road 89/91 near Sardine Canyon when a man fleeing from the Utah Highway Patrol crashed a pickup truck into him head-on, according to Logan police, who investigated the collision.

…The driver of the pickup truck, Marcos Torres, 26, died at the scene.

Reconstructing the story: someone with a Spanish name begins driving erratically, which is usually a code word for driving while intoxicated, and flees from police, then runs head-first into a truck driven by an off-duty police officer. Knowing that the family of the dead man will likely sue, the truck driver’s friends at the police department attempt to get a blood sample — which they can enter into evidence, but probably cannot if the blood was stored by the hospital — in order to demonstrate that the truck driver was not intoxicated and therefore, bears zero blame in the crash.

The reason for this is something familiar to people in minority-majority communities: a poor minority underclass person is dead, and the trucking company and its driver have money, so a lawsuit goes through under the lower standard of proof required in civil cases, and money is paid out… to the person who caused the crash. This is different from a criminal action, in which the driver will be acquitted by video, and is solely about monetary recompense, which will be tried in front of of jury, many of whom will be from the same minority or Leftists. They often find for the poor innocent non-victim and will cost this truck driver his job, and his company millions.

On the surface, this is a story of police brutality, but underneath, we see white people defending themselves against affirmative action lawsuits.

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