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AirBnB Adopts Orwellian Anti-Discrimination Policy

Hipster quasi-hotel AirBnB decided to go full “woke” with its response to people not wanting to rent to minorities:

Earlier this summer, we announced Project Lighthouse—an initiative to uncover, measure, and overcome discrimination when booking or hosting a home on Airbnb. The project will start in the US on August 31, and we’d like to use information from hosts and guests in the US to help. This is a reminder that you can opt out in your Privacy Settings if you don’t want to participate.

Here’s how it works:

We’ll only use information you already share
This project will address discrimination that’s based on perception—so we’ll use first names and profile photos from hosts and guests to help us understand the perceived race someone might associate with them.

We’ll use it to uncover patterns of discrimination
We’ll use this information to help us understand when and where racial discrimination is happening on our platform. Any insights will be used to help develop new features and policies that create a more equitable experience for everyone.

Information won’t be tied to your specific account
We only analyze trends in bulk, and we won’t use this information to change anyone’s individual experience as a host or guest on Airbnb. Information will only be used for anti-discrimination work, and it will not be used in marketing or advertising.

We consulted with leading civil rights and privacy organizations to guide us
We know how delicate this work is—so we developed this work with support and input from leading civil rights organizations like Color Of Change and Upturn, along with privacy organizations like Center for Democracy & Technology, to make sure our approach is both thoughtful and respectful of your privacy.

By including your information, you’re helping us identify and prevent discrimination from happening on Airbnb—and you’re taking part in an initiative to better understand how and where discrimination happens on platforms like ours. This is an important step for our industry, and we’re making the methodology publicly available to other companies who want to join in the fight.

In solidarity,
The Airbnb team

This means another shakedown and subsidy. If they look at who you rented to and see only White faces, they are going to assume that you are “racist,” which means that you had better find some Black people to rent to. This means that you will offer discounts.

As usual, the response of society to diversity has been to pass on the high cost to someone else, namely the end user. All AirBnB renters will pay more for this, and minority renters will get cheaper rates. This is one of the many ways that diversity wrecks society and turns it into an Orwellian dystopia.

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