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Advice to realists dismayed by recent elections

Saw this goodie and thought I’d pass it on:

Yeah, people here are liberals. That’s what happened to metal post-1995, and consequently the music sucks, with a few exceptions (Skepticism).

Liberalism is groupthink, conformity and the death of a society.

Doesn’t mean it should ruin your day. These are good people in the grips of a bad meme. It doesn’t change my estimation for them, any more than I’d actually suddenly decide they were worthless if they bought Macs (fags) or started liking the new Cynic.

Liberalism is death, true, but the path is to keep being a good person who shows others the right way. When other people have more experience in life, they often change their ways.

In my experience, most of the people who are over 28 voting for Obama are arrested development cases wishing they were still in college, and the rest of Obama’s white voters were college students.

Time changes how they’ll view life.

The rest of the white people voted for McCain because although he is boring as hell, he’s consistent and not connected to massive corruption like Obama.

Obama pitched a good-sounding message at a time when American voters were having a tantrum over the economy and, because their favorite entertainment found it horrific, the Iraq war (even though most active service people don’t seem to find it so awful). The voters had a hissy fit and voted in whatever wasn’t current.

On the good side, this has brought the truth out of the closet: liberals represent a psychology that results in their ideological viewpoint and not the other way around, and normal white people are realizing that the goal of liberalism is to replace them so neurosis can take over.

Is it any different than the revolutions in France and Russia? No, it’s not… including consequences, though we haven’t had time to see those yet. That’s in the future.

Every society goes through calcification of this nature. With nothing positive to do, its energy goes into earning money and buying shit and comparing it to what others have, and the result is a vapid culture that turns on itself in a spasm of existential angst.

From that, you get this neurotic meme, and it takes out good people periodically. Are they any different than teenagers who do really stupid shit and expect their parents to sort it out? Those who are realists — I describe myself as realist more than rightist — need to get organized, explain themselves, and demonstrate what is correct.

They also need to plan for the middle part of the country to withdraw from the rest, and let the east and west coasts be Brazil/Mexico/Iraq if they want to. Let them face the consequences of their decisions while the realistic people avoid the kind of decay that ends in third world status (happens to every nation exactly the same way, including cosmopolitanism — Toynbee/Spengler/Plato agree.)

In the meantime, they can be friends and people you care about without you having to agree on their politics — or follow them down the murky path of neurosis.

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