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Absence of accountability is the reversal of natural selection

For nearly a year, Salt Lake City’s One World Cafe – founded on the altruistic goal of letting customers set their own meal price – has been on a crash course with business reality.

In mid-October, employee paychecks bounced and the longtime manager was fired. Bo Dean’s dismissal angered the rest of the staff enough that they walked out in protest.

Founder Denise Cerreta was forced to call a temporary staffing agency so she could serve customers.

St. Louis Tribune

Death, predation, pain and fear exist to enforce accountability: your actions have results.

Zombies prefer to believe that results are not important, but emotions, intentions and symbols are.

They use these good intentions to guilt others into helping them.

Despite all of their propaganda, they are finding out that the problem is not evil Republican corporations and churches oppressing them.

It’s their own mental disorganization.


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