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Abortion Makes Conservatives Lose

From the we-told-you-so department:

Apparently the big issue that the conventional conservative election consultants thought was going to save the Republican party in fact dooms it because voters do not want it:

Abortion bans are unpopular, with barely a third of Americans saying abortion should be illegal in most cases. Even 40% of Republicans are opposed. In Florida, DeSantis has said he will sign a bill into law that would restrict abortion to within six weeks of pregnancy, effectively outlawing the practice.

Since two in three Florida voters oppose the measure, it represents a big withdrawal from the state governor’s bank of political capital. As the 2022 midterms showed, anti-abortion politics is a major vote loser for the GOP, and current polls rank this as their biggest weak spot. In effect, abortion fundamentalism is likely to damage Republican chances at state and federal levels, perhaps fatally. This makes it considerably less likely that DeSantis will be able to complete his anti-woke legislative agenda.

The anti-abortion cause punches above its weight for the same reason tax cuts do: these are the priorities of the donors and lobbies which make up the Republican establishment. They also resonate with committed party activists, many of whom spring from evangelical parachurch organisations. As evidence: just four red states have outlawed affirmative action while 13 have banned abortion, even though two-thirds of Americans support the former and just a third the latter.

Conservative “experts” have been trying to win on issues that pander to the “Christian libertarian” base that they define as conservative. They have done this for decades. It always backfires because outside of the churches, banning abortion is not taken seriously.

Unconventional wisdom says that people vote conservative to metaphorically make the trains run on time. We are the order and function party that the voters turn to after the Left makes a mess of things, but banning abortion is contra-functional.

If we thought clearly about this issue, we would realize that the type of people who are likely to have abortions should have abortions and not pass on those genes. Even more, with sexual liberation on the books, no one wants their kid to have their lives ruined by raising the spawn of an unwise coupling.

As you no doubt recall, we warned you about abortion and said it was how conservatives like to lose elections so that they can continue fundraising as the opposition party:

A practical person might also say that, since we have Plan B available over the counter in most places, abortion no longer occupies the central role it once did. Unless you have no idea that you are pregnant, abortion is not necessary.

This means that we are dealing with a symbolic issue. The Right wants to con its voters into thinking that the Right is winning; the Left wants to con its voters into getting out to vote, since the Left only wins elections when it mobilizes “the base” (al-Qaeda) or the useful idiots.

As usual, the Right has been outfoxed by the Left who above all else are tactical thinkers. They are blind to long-term strategy such as is required to make a functional society, but they are really good at manipulating bureaucracies and electorates.

People forget that our society is organized around the job, which is formed of the degraded remnants of medieval serfdom and Asiatic bureaucracy. In a job, you satisfy the boss and keep your coworkers happy as your first task, and only secondarily care if you are doing anything productive or good.

The people in Washington DC view their role as a job. They are there to get ahead by doing what the system rewards. They are there to get along with their coworkers across the aisle. Everything else is play-acting, advertising, and WWF-style dramatics to keep the voters attentive.

Government employees try to do some good, but they are hiding behind the aegis of the inefficiency of the system. A giant grinding bureaucracy does not do good; it does mediocre, and if you can do that while limiting the worst and having some silver lining, you view yourself as a hero.

The Republican party wants to lose the national election. They do not want to inherit the crisis that is coming. Even more, they want their base fired up to seize local elections, and have let the consultants con them into thinking diversity will vote less than 75% Democrat (spoiler: no).

Like most people at jobs, they are so busy working the system that they have forgotten how things work outside of the little fallacies and fantasies they whisper to each other over coffee in trendy restaurants. They have no idea how the world works; they know only a narrow slice of it.

Consequently, just as the Democrats were wrong in thinking that their latest round of schemes would turn out well, the Republicans are wrong in thinking that this strategy will work. We are in the last round of elections before the Hart-Celler Act voters institute permanent Leftism.

If the Republicans were thinking clearly, they would drop all issues except saving civilization from the Left, including opposing diversity and any future debt, which would force the socialism part of our government to dissolve. They are afraid to do this.

However, the future rushes at us quickly. We are out of money. Our people are not reproducing enough. People are dying “deaths of despair” all over, the cities are ruins, diversity is trashing competence, and our enemies are gathered.

Will enough awake from the opium nightmare of democracy to see this before the window of opportunity closes?

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