Furthest Right

Abortion killings

My response to Girl on the Right’s rather lucid but profane statement about what a screwup this situation is:

The right is so disorganized it’s hilarious.

Abortion is the symbol, not the goal.

The goal is having communities that support right-wing values only, and encouraging others to leave, while strengthening local and state government so the right can have control over some states — and not be forced to pay for the disasters of leftist states, nor accept their population.

Cheney’s recent federalism shows what a smart idea this is. Let Vermont be liberal, and Texas be conservative, and see where each is in another 20 years of not paying for each other. Among other things, states like Texas will have to trim their budgets and start saying no to people wanting entitlements, who not surprisingly vote overwhelmingly democratic.

Abortion and gay marriage are symbolic issues that need to take a back seat toward having conservative communities where conservatives can do their thing without the decay that liberalism introduces.

In my view, right and left are incompatible.

Republican neoliberalism is quasi-compatible with primal conservatives like myself: we are realists, and as a result we’re anti-liberal and pro-conservation — of values, of nature, of people and of cultures.

Our view is 100% incompatible with the left.

What we need to do is create our own communities, and build our own economies, and then politically detach from the others. Let each system sink or swim, and in another few decades the truth about “what works” will be clear.

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