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A Moral Shift Seizes The West


Under a wave of chaotic changes across Europe and the New World, the entity known as Western Civilization is experiencing a massive shift. At first it seems political, until one looks at social events. Then it seems cultural, until inspection of the factors altered in people is examined.

The West is experiencing a moral shift.

In the past, owing to the egalitarian slant of the French Revolution and its predecessor The Enlightenment™, our morality was based on treating everyone equally, so presumably: treating everyone well.

Now our morality ventures closer to the pagan formulation of Plato, “good to the good / bad to the bad.”

When you want to treat everyone well, you treat the bad as well as the good. You have concern for their rights and daily lives, and cut them fat checks to subsidize them since survival is not going well for them.

Plato’s formulation on the other hand could be re-written as “protect the good people, and beat down the rest.”

As Leftism has gained prominence here in the West, our societies have increasingly re-dedicated themselves to ensuring that everyone turns out okay.

That has resulted in massive entitlements programs, directed most intensely that the very poor, drug addicted, criminal and otherwise flailing lives.

Now we see the end result of that: we are awash in people who are fundamentally useless, both at the bottom and top of society. The bottom creates the top because numerically, the bottom are greater, and for that reason their votes and purchases are more influential than those of other groups. This selects those who inhabit the top.

Our culture has reached the literal wasteland state where it is hard for most of us to engage at all with politics or society. We go to jobs, then retreat home and lock the doors. We want the world — our home countries — to just go away.

This attitude can be seen in our anemic response to terrorism, which consists of emotional outpourings but no willingness to change anything about our approach.

The new morality, on the other hand, emphasizes the idea of protecting the good — the contributing, intelligent, healthy, decent and thoughtful people — against a world which is mostly insane and always looking for an excuse to kill off the good.

This is more than a revolution against parasitism, although that is part of it. This is a war for hierarchy: we want the good to rise above the rest again, and for the good to be ranked, with the best on top so that their wisdom and abilities can protect the rest of us from the rising tide of chaos created by democratic and third-world societies alike.

If we look only at isolated events, as the press and governments prefer we do, we do not see the wave of discontent based in this theory. Government loves victims, as it can use them as a justification and in the name of helping them, expand its own power. If they cannot be helped, even better, as the leeching can continue.

But when looking at the larger picture, a pattern emerges: the West is tired of penalizing the good people in order to provide for everyone else. As in nature, some thrive, some merely survive, and the rest die, which is how natural selection produces evolution.

This thought was disturbing for the neurotics of the last half-millennium, and so we have been chasing their dream: everyone survives, and everyone is safe and taken care of, but this has produced a huge population of people who are mostly useless and are now attempting to destroy the rest of us with the burden produced by their parasitism.

As financial, social and political ruin wracks our lands, people are returning to the idea that we should defend the good, and let nature deal with the rest. If poverty continues, so what? — there was always been poverty. If some die because they lack common sense, the next generation born of the survivors will have common sense.

It sounds cruel at first, which is why our society has been intolerant of this viewpoint for a long time, but when we realize that the price for saving everyone is that we destroy the best of our people, this idea is being reconsidered.

The society based on universal security has become a living hell. Jobs are pointless and moronic; people are thoughtless whores; the price of everything goes up as the quality goes down, and now, there is no place left to run to escape the blight caused by the flailing.

For many years, the productive people could keep shrugging and writing checks about be fine, if a bit poorer. But now they see the endgame: by trying to save everyone, we will strangle the good and produce more of the bad, and then it is a dark death spiral until the end.

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