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A Boogie Nights Theory Of Cuckservatism

As a recovering Cuckservative myself, I can issue you a salvatory warning. Don’t be a Cuckservative. “So why not?” You may ask. Aren’t five moderate Republican Senators essentially setting up a toll gate and successfully taxing the shite out of President Trump’s agenda? Do you see Republicans other than Senators Corker, McCain, and Grahamaphrodite getting favorable press coverage? Don’t you want the important people to like you?

Well that depends upon what “like” means? Does “like” include respect? Does it ever include a willingness to make any important concessions? If only one person in a friendship ever has to open a vein, that’s only a friendship in the obnoxious, passive-aggressive way in which John McCain talks about his friend so-and-so. It just softens up the target so that the dagger can find the appropriate gap between the vertabrae.

So what’s it really like to be one of those Cuckservatives? Here we answer that and pay homage to a great and profound philosophical movie about how America got screwed into becoming Amerika. Of what cinematic magnum opis do I speak? Why, of course, Boogie Nights? Boogie Nights!? !?FTW?! What could we possibly learn from that which we couldn’t get out of reading Chateau Heartiste every day?

Well, Boogie Nights did feature a character named Little Bill. Little Bill graced us with the following line that should tell us all that we need to know about the true existential state of the hated Cuckservative.

Paul Anderson was sneaky-good at film-making. You initially tend to think Little Bill was just flustered when he said “My wife has an ass in her cock in the driveway…” He was, but that was intentionally written that way. It told you all you needed to know about the nature of their marriage. She had the dick, he was the ass that sometimes blocked it. The woman he had married pretty much conformed to the tranny caricature of Michelle Obama’s official portrait.

This is the perfect analogy to the role the Cuckservative plays with regard to our nation’s future. They want the leftists to like them the way Little Bill wanted his wife to love him. Like and love both require respect. When your wife deliberately treats you to a choreographed public cucking, that respect is non-existent. Democrats similarly do this to Cuckservative Republicans. The actions of then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid towards Norm Coleman after Al Franken had obviously cheated and stolen a Minnesota Senate seat right out from under Senator Cuckshaw drove home the utter and deliberate humiliation. In case you don’t see the point, here is one of Senator Reid’s greatest hits after he had blatantly lied about Mitt Romney’s finances and helped Barack Obama win reelection.

Again, so what? Can’t we all just get along? Jack Horner paid Little Bill well. They all “liked” him. Just like they luvved on his wife. Eventually, the Cuck catches on. The cuck can no longer withstand the humiliation. Then, there are only two exits for the Red-Pilled Cuck. The cuck can leave the masochist role and seek redemption as a functional man. Or, the cuck can go all the way down, and not just on the likes of Barack Obama or Harry Reid. Boogie Nights shows us what it is like when Little Bill finally realizes the doom in which he lives.

You don’t want to live that reality. You do not want to be Little Bill. For the love of God, do not let yourself be a cuckservative.

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