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We’re unfiltered

lucky_strike_usaA friend kept replying to links I’d send him saying, “I wish I could see these.”

Finally, I bit — I asked the obvious question that he was pretty much waiting for me to ask, so he could spring the trap.

Well, why not?

“Because I only watch the internet at work, and your site is filtered by our company’s filter.”

Those filters are designed to keep out porn, hatred, hacking and bad guys — how’d we get included?

I didn’t know, so I wrote the company that provided the web filter at his work, WebSense. After a brief exchange of emails, we got sweet relief:

The site you submitted has been reviewed. We have made an update to the following URL(s) in our master database to address this issue: – Advocacy Groups

Categorization updates should be available in the next scheduled publication of the database. A new database is published every business day, five days a week, Pacific Standard Time. You should notice any updates referred to in this message within 72 hours.

So if you’ve been seeing this:


You won’t anymore, I think. Unless they also filter advocacy groups. My guess it’s your system administrator’s prerogative and will be unfiltered in most cases. Thanks to Jeff for catching this one!

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