Furthest Right

Updated Our “About” Statement

The old one tried to say too much in too short of a space. The new one aims for a running leap into the weird world of thought beyond what modernity will contemplate. We get ignored here because we are not playing the game of manipulating known symbols, but looking for logical consistency with the whole of the data.

People prefer Red Team Versus Blue Team because it distills the big questions down into easy issues where everyone can take a stand and feel morally justified because they have rationalized their position in terms of one of the accepted “good” ideas of society like equality, justice, fairness, and other peer pressure jive.

If we played the usual game here, you would read more familiar content, have to spend less energy on it, and be able to discuss it with your friends. Instead we remain the Outlaw Conservative website because we take ideas to their natural conclusions, and this destabilizes normal lives and makes people afraid so much they ignore us!

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