Furthest Right

Outliers (#34)


Our potential future sails into uncertain waters. The death of liberal democracy is now clear: rather than muting the dark side of humanity, it encouraged it, and now our populations are divided between illusionists and realists. The realists want to seize control before the illusionists force us into permanent third world status through demographic genocide and civilization collapse. We desire a renewed Western Civilization based on the greatness of old, and shying away from the managerial state that both tries to save the delusional from themselves, and control the rest of us with good intentions and bad methods. As the West rediscovers its will to live, it discovers the idea that life should be good and pleasurable, and for that reason, that we can throw out all of the fetid rot and the compulsively neurotic people who will otherwise lead us into a darkness of revenge, greed, victimhood and passive aggressive bullying.

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