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Outliers (#25)


Moldbug Re-Learning The Lessons Of Slaughterhouse Five:

Moldbug, or (((Moldbug))), some have asked. Nonsense: more likely, just growing up in postwar America and being indoctrinated in the same individualistic Leftism as the rest of us. But an alarming naïveté manifests itself here:

At least in the West, ex-Nazis actually got off quite lightly. (One way to see that the Allies were the good guys and the Nazis were the bad guys is to look at how the latter would have treated the former after a similarly unconditional victory. Okay, I guess, there was a little bit of slave labor. But it was comparatively minor.)

Good guys are those who fight for what is right. The Allies and Axis were both good-intentioned guys, but no party in any of those wars rose to the level of “good guys.” Why? Seek your answer in classic Moldbug: they were all democracies or the products of them — of course they were based on illusion and lies.

Cynical Libertarian Society Features The Alt Right and

You can find the link below in our new “Digests” mini-section. Unfortunately, this appears to be a dying art. CLS assesses the Alt Right:

Here is what the Alt-Right is getting right:

  • Diversity doesn’t work.
  • Democracy doesn’t work.
  • Circumventing natural selection doesn’t work.
  • Everyone is not equal.

I have to define “work” in order for these statements to make philosophical sense. In this case by “work” I mean: Lead to the creation and maintenance of a free society in which individuals can strive to achieve their greatest potential and be independent within interdependency.

To this, we might add: the basis of the Alt Right is that structure in reality, notably biological structure as expressed in genetics, regulates our future, not human intent. For this reason, genetics is upstream of culture which is upstream of politics. This means that we need practical ideas to adapt to this reality like nationalism, hierarchy, aristocracy and, for Western European groups, the focus on transcendental purpose which has appeared in our healthiest civilizations.

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