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Outliers (#21)


Donald Trump cucks the establishment again. H-wood Nazis could dunce the alt right. Global economic collapse joins the convergence of catastrophes. America waking up to the fact that diversity does not work. Leftism is parasitism. Democracy creates secret and deceptive government. Clarifying the alt right through two pillars: ethnic survival and self-determination. Realizing that rock, blues, jazz and pop are a musical sham. Remember when you read the speeches that they are tearing down our future. Cultural evanescence. No, come back. Weekly round: here and here.

The alt right as an eternal Phoenix. For its core, look to its desire to ask the big existential questions. Socialism destroys White cultures.

My takeaway from Revolution is that socialism corrupts White people as assuredly as it corrupts everyone else. Five decades of a cradle-to-grave welfare state made New Zealanders lazy and complacent. As r/K selection theory shows us, free resources inevitably breed a nation of sexually deviant layabouts. A society where success is determined not by your intelligence or ingenuity but by how well you can game the bureaucracy is one that will inevitably fall apart, regardless of its racial composition.

Deutschland rising. Our elites are both corrupt and mentally incompetent. The White Country. The most heretical book. The Alt Right is not Nazi (or, by extension, “white nationalist” or other ethno-bolshevik movements). Do you need a reminder that the media always lies when they can hurt the Right and advance the Left? Do you still own a television or read newspapers and magazines? What about mainstream sites? Those are all dead now, to a sane person. Belonging.

Can women kill? Lock ‘n load! Slow collapse, as Isaac Asimov (and other sci-fi writers) saw it. Gun ownership for a gentleman. Reaching out to young people. Oppression saves lives. Neoreaction = consequentialism (and possibly feudalism). Realpolitik.

Wealthcrash. The New Terror War: against nerdy white nationalism. Incompetence like a wave of zombies. Cold void desolation. Viz:

The passage evokes a kind of impersonal awe, a cold rationalism, a null-state. In the late 1940s, the Japanese philosopher Keiji Nishitani would summarize Nietzsche’s fable in different terms. “The anthropomorphic view of the world,” he writes, “according to which the intention or will of someone lies behind events in the external world, has been totally refuted by science. Nietzsche wanted to erase the last vestiges of this anthropomorphism by applying the critique to the inner world as well.”

Secular fundamentalism presents paradoxical thinking and, therefore, fails.

Guns and cops in Chicagoland, the American third world. College is a flaming scam. Big xogbux in refugee relocation. Virtue signaling masochism. Men dropping out as matriachal PC, regulatory, egalitarian State rises. Trust (relevant musical cue). Blood supply. MANPOETRY. Girls, girls, girls. The penny as an American ikon. On Empire. Demons, calling your name. Anglo-America in hiding.

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