Furthest Right

Outliers (#19)


Inverted morality. Market breakdown. World downfall. Trolsk dominance. Race riots (unrecognized as such). Albion Awakening launches. Sexbots rising. Racial crime-warfare. End democracy. “Essentialism”. Media mafia. Libertarian confusion. Neoliberalism. Gattaca. Unslaverying work. Multicultural victimhood. Pax Americana. Trump fetishism as hangover from weak Dads. Revolution2. Lynching and its causes.

Broken science. Black pride. Normalizing mental illness. Moral tales. Vive le South. Snippets. Open-minded voters for Trump. Xenophobia (<3). Fakeconomics. Rape, rape, rape. Afro-centric. To fight liberalism, promote excellence. Female social media. Persuasion. Nowhere but up for Black USA. Leftist solidarity, or maybe just conformity, and race trumps conservative identity. So: no proposition nation for the Right. It’s $current_year. Merkel downfall. Genetics of muscle fiber. Male intelligence. Multi-ethnic society = genocide.

Milwaukee ablaze. Greed… or just evil? Popularity is (also) tyranny.

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