Furthest Right

Outliers (#18)


Media obsolescence. Trump’s not Rmoney. Is the slow decline ending? Return of the Real Right. Consciousness versus self-noticing. Low trust. Trolling the path to the Presidency. Olympics mediocrity fatigue. Popularity ate the internet. Psycho Dish. “Oozing Lovecraftian horror.” Truth may be stranger than fiction in physics as well. Comedy is not news. American legal crucifixion. Media psychosis. Detoxifying from modernity. Success more sensibly defined. Weekly round: here, there and elsewhere.

Devirilization. The Zombie Candidate. Female roles in national survival at a spiritual level. Fear of Darwinism as the basis of modern politics. Democracy on life support.

Identify the enemy. Class warfare as a Machiavellian tool. Copshot white guy. Death by committee. Calories. Fall of England. The Evolution of Violence. Brazilification. Social order (and how to lose it). Ethnic democracy and widespread, unstoppable voter fraud. Gentrification. Diversity police not functional anywhere. German political ammo dump explosion. How to handle negative reviews. Neoreaction Conference. Brexit delayed by elites, still super-popular. Assad speaks. Rio tedium. Grammar and Leftmedia lies.

Fascisms. Mail-order brides. Trolling the credulous media.

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