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Outliers (#10)


(Open thread + links.)

Finger im po. Conspiracy. Diversity incoherence. Faustian stirrings. Democracy wobbles. Frankenstein’s monster (the Revolution). American corruption (flashback). Paradoxical virtue sigs. Security navel-gazing. Camouflaged God. Weekly rounds: here and here plus this.

Unverifiable ideology. Rainbowlocaust (and fallout). Outrage! Default’s shadow. The question. Nihilism. Xenophobia. Race-loyalty. Democracy death vigil. Only 10%? Miscegenationism. End (of) Democracy. Brainstorm. Prosecution not persecution.

Media disconnect. Peak multiculture. Roman mercs. PC overflow.

Thinkers compared. Vantards. The masculine Christ. . Unfortunate pushback. Inherent egalitarianism. Dung beetles. Human rights = last rites. Hug whitey.

Important reminder. Vive Houellebecq.


  • Neoreaction as Ideology. Certain forces wish to officially define, and limit in language as if it were rules or laws, the idea of Neoreaction. This is contradiction of Reaction itself, which dislikes Systems and prefers natural hierarchies formed from similar structures in different positions, much as monarchy implicates God and vice-versa. Becoming Leftists is tempting because Leftism is seductive, but that also kills the truth factor.
  • Tribalism emergent. If you cannot trust anyone but your own tribe, how will society work? One possibility is endless Chinatowns: every tribe — homosexuals, Africans, stoners, Goths, El Salvadorians, furries, Christians — gets their own district or large neighborhood and administers all services and institutions there. For us, by us. And anyone else who lingers long just disappears.
  • Peak Leftism. Looks like 2015 was it. Why did it die, when it seemed so powerful with the rise of Barack Obama? Perhaps the naked lunch was finally seen on the end of the fork.

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