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“Masculinity Versus the Age of the Chinless” on In Mala Fide

As part of my community outreach, I’ve contributed a piece to notorious men’s rights/post-conservative blog In Mala Fide.

This particular piece addresses the assault on masculinity from those who wish to divide it as a concept and by creating a false concept of it, thus obscure what men need to do in order to reclaim a place in this civilization.

It rejects the idea that we can become leftists, liberals and neo-Marxists and imitate the path of feminists in demanding equality, mainly because “equality” always punishes the group not perceived to be the underdog. That will always be men.

Men in this modern time are all kept men. You are kept because living in this society is easy if you don’t have any large goals. If all you want is a job, an apartment, some hobbies and a little fun, you are living in the period of history when this is easiest. True, the girls are all crazy and most of them are fat or have diseases, but that’s like the damaged goods shelf at Kroger, lower prices… and true, your apartment is in a trash-strewn wasteland where you’re as likely to get shot as noticed, but it’s at a discount too. You can just pass your whole life away in this method, without ever forming any goals that take you close to the edge of self-discovery or worse, challenging yourself. It’s a paradise for the chinless.

All of the above is a rather complicated way of telling you that masculinity is to you an unknown quantity. No one in the media, government or high society wants it to exist. None of your friends know anything about it. And if you start getting close to any idea approximating masculinity, the armies of the chinless will rise up and start complaining about how you offended them. – In Mala Fide, “Masculinity Versus the Age of the Chinless”

This article comes with all the added bonus products you expect in a Brett Stevens article: excessive use of quotation, random vocabulary, bullet pointed lists, excessive character assassination of pointless celebrities, and lengthy sentences starting languidly but working themselves up to urged, pointed conclusions.

What are you waiting for? Read it now.

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