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May all of you enjoy a lovely Yule and celebrate the rebirth of the year. We also exult in the reason for the season, which is a belief in transcendental goodness instead of humanity and our personal needs, and rejoice in the knowledge that something greater than pure personal fear or materialism guides this world.

For many of us, the hope becomes focused on a single question: how to make humans sane.

Humans always self-destruct just as their societies self-destruct, and we can find a way to avoid this, because living without fear provides the only basis for really appreciating life. Modern humans fear the works of other humans, who in groups always turn to the same illusions that lead to the same failures.

With this new hope comes a realization that nature, science, and religion must be viewed in parallel, just as the physical and metaphysical worlds exist in parallel. With time Christians will see that all religions speak the same ideal in different languages, and the key is to gain a path to that mental state, not fight over the vocabulary.

In this new year, may we enter a new world, much as now we celebrate the rebirth of the year and the ancient gods who have guided us since before the dawn of time.

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