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Free Confederate flags for webmasters


Now that the Liberal Occupation Government/Zombie Occupation Government has decided to remove flags of resistance to its tyranny of thought, it is your patriotic duty to resist and cause it as many problems as possible. More than patriotism, or even race-patriotism, you have a duty as a patriot to truth and life itself to drive away lies and replace them with truth, beauty and goodness.

A small step along those lines would be to get yourself a bright Confederate flag, and to support one of the few companies continuing to sell this dangerous, subversive, and rebellious symbol of resistance to the encroaching world-death that is modern society in the West. Patriotic Flags will donate one to you in exchange for a link:


If you have a website or blog, you can get a free 3’x5′ polyester flag of your choice. All you have to do is post a link to on your list of links.

Once you post a link, simply e-mail us with your website url, address, and choice of flag.

You can choose any flag you want, but I suggest the Confederate Navy Jack, known conversationally as “the Confederate flag,” for display in front of your house, from your penthouse garden, or on the armored vehicle of your choice as you resist the creeping fingers of the ideological State trying to reprogram you into the perfect obedient cog.


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