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Brett Stevens 2012: unorthodox yet orthodox

Longtime Primordial Traditions contributor Bernardo Sena makes a good point with these textured graphics: in a time when your civilization is collapsing, not all “treason” is actually treason. In fact, some of it is pure rationality.

The Brett Stevens 2012 campaign is running on a platform of uncomfortable truths that are necessary to face, versus pleasant human “truths” that are illusions. This appeals to a certain type of person who cares more about results than appearances, including to the self: We are post-human; we are realists. We are not dreary reactionaries, but dreamers of a better future who are also doers, and know through experience what works.

The unity of experience and insightful desires for a better future form the basis of Tradition. Drawing from New Right, Perennialist/Traditionalist thought, deep ecology, and American Paleoconservatism, the ideas of the Brett Stevens campaign are an antidote to the unreasonable treason of supporting a dying regime.

Instead of mourning the past, let’s make the future.

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